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Star Trek Insurrection on DVD
Review by Lando da Pimp

Star Trek Insurrection is one of the odd numbered Trek films that fans either love or hate. I personally believe that Insurrection is one of the better Star Trek films. Critics of the film point out that the story of Federation members going against the prime directive has been done countless times and that the film is little more than a very good, double-length episode of the television series. I disagree. While some episodes of the series deal with members of the Federation betraying the prime directive, this plot involves the entire Federation.

Click to see!Insurrection begins with the Starfleet on a routine mission to study the Ba'ku, a small group of people living on an idyllic planet who refrain from using technology. When Data malfunctions, Picard and the Enterprise arrive to stop Data and if necessary destroy him at the same time rescue the hostages. Picard unwittingly is brought into the midst of a conspiracy of the Federation partnered with the So'na disobeying the prime directive.

Click to see!Their plan is to reoccupy (Duck Blind Mission) the Ba'ku to a different world so that the Federation and So'na can collect the met aphasic radiation present in the planets rings that contain rejuvenation properties. Once collected the planet would be uninhabitable. When the Enterprise discovers this plot, Picard must fight against Starfleet and the So'na to protect the Baku and keep the planet inhabited.

Click to see!While on the planet, the crew starts to feel the effects of the met aphasic radiation and begin to feel younger. Picard begins dancing the mamba, Geordi's eyes begin healing, Worf relives puberty, and Crusher and Troi's boobs firming up are just a few examples of the met aphasic radiation effects felt. This also gave Insurrection the honor of having the first boob joke when Data asks Worf about his boobs firming up after overhearing Crusher and Troi.

Click to see!Insurrection also gave Picard his first romantic interest in a film played by the very hot older woman Donna Murphy. I had hoped that this romance would play off in future movies but alas the character Anij is just another woman that a Starfleet Captain leaves behind.

Special Features
The special features for Star Trek Insurrection are wonderful. First I was surprised to find deleted scenes. There's no mention of this on the back of the DVD but they are there. Thank God that some of the scenes were cut because they are just awful. The worst deleted scene was an extended cut in the Enterprise library in which Troi and Riker are told to be quiet by the librarian. They then proceed to throw paper balls at each other. I know that they are trying to show how the briar patch makes them feel younger but this goes too far. Another scene shows the original ending with Ru'afo escapes the collector in a pod and slowly grows younger as he travels through the rings. One scene that is missing is a scene with Quark, which I was curious to see more than anything else.

Click to see!The Making of Insurrection is a lot more detailed that the previous First Contact DVD. It features the construction of the Baku village and details the special effects for the duck blind mission and space shuttle chase. These are really well produced and go into greater detail than we're used to with Trek bonus features.

Other features include a great interview with Michael Pillar on how the Insurrection story evolved. An interesting look at all the women of Star Trek and Westmore's Aliens. Insurrection's trailers are also present with the teaser trailer that uses footage from First Contact.

Click to see!Overall
In my review for Star Trek First Contact I mentioned that while the DVD was a good value, I still was disappointed with the lack of deleted scenes. I had numerous emails debating with me that there was nothing cut. I find that hard to believe. I did some research looking for anything about cut scenes and couldn't find anything concrete, but I remember reading a story about some scenes that were cut. That of course was about nine years ago.

I can't accept that these special editions of the Star Trek films do not include everything. I believe that Paramount is still holding back a lot of extras for these films for future DVD releases. With lack of the Quark deleted scene my point is somewhat made.

Star Insurrection is a great Star Trek film and the second best Next Generation film. The inclusion of the deleted scenes make this DVD a huge recommendation and far better than some of the other Star Trek special editions.

You can pick up Star Trek Insurrection June 7th from

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Article ©2005

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