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Star Trek Nemesis Collectors Edition on DVD
Review by Lando da Pimp

A few years ago I reviewed the Star Trek Nemesis DVD. You can read the review here. Since I have already reviewed the film, and the movie did not change on this DVD, I thought I would just focus on the special features on the new Star Trek Nemesis Special Collectors Edition.

Production of Star Trek Nemesis
A nice collection of making-of documentaries, explore the film from pre-production to completion. The documentaries are mostly made up of cast and crew interviews with the exception of the Shinzon (Tom Hardy) screen test with Patrick Stewart. A lot of interesting details of the pre-production are discussed including that the initial idea was to have Patrick Stewart play both roles. Something I think would have made the film work better.

Click for biggerThe Star Trek Universe
These documentaries focus on different aspects of the TNG cast. This movie was announced as the final film for the crew. The cast looks back on the final journey of the crew and what is to become of them. The Enterprise E is also looked at.

The Romulan Empire
A fun look at the Romulans, are discussed in five different features. Nothing terribly new is provided but it gives a more in depth look at the Romulans and their part in the film.

Click for biggerDeleted Scenes
This was what I was really curious in seeing. I was really disappointed that the first DVD did not contain more cut scenes. The initial run of the film was very long and a number of scenes were cut. One of the most notable was the scene with Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). I was really curious as to what happened to Wesley since the television series. We all know you can catch up with real-life Wil on his site

Click for biggerWhat was most disappointing was the number of scenes that were cut from the end of the film that deal with what happens to the Enterprise crew. The best scene is when Worf and Geordi clean out Data's quarters. This scene provides what happened to Data's cat Spot and that Data did not have his emotion chip installed when he risked his life to save Picard's. A great conclusion to the film!

I wish Paramount, would have asked Baird to include the deleted scenes back into the film. These scenes would help the story and action of the film and make the Star Trek fan not be so hesitant to buy another DVD of the film.

Click for biggerArchives & Trailers
A collection of production art, storyboards, and props along with the two trailers are also included.

Overall this should have been the version of Star Trek Nemesis that was released a few years ago. As a Star Trek fan, and fan of this film, I enjoyed this DVD. This is probably one of the best Special Editions of the Star Trek DVD's. I also feel somewhat cheated that a special edition of the film is released so soon after the initial release. Now that I have the two DVD's I have to keep them both to have the complete collection of special features. Fans of the film will enjoy this DVD immensely and I highly recommend it.

You can pick this up from on October 4th.

Check out the rest of our Star Trek coverage.

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