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Stooples: Office Tools for Hopeless Fools
by Kevin Reigler, Nick Vacca, and Adam Najberg
Review by Mr. Stinkhead

I love books like this. Picture books. Coffee table books. Books you pass around to your coworkers or family. You can open it up to any page, read a bit, laugh at something and then pick up in a different spot later.

Stooples (A Parody) is designed to spoof a Staples or Office Depot office supply catalog. Instead of finding 500 ct paper clips and sticky notes, you'll find Karaoke Hold Music and Office Nipple Clips.

If you like the movie Office Space or that show the Office on NBC, or you are a slave in a cubicle someplace, then you'll probably get a very large laugh out of this book. It's tongue-in-cheek puns and photoshop trickery makes a nice, professional looking book. Leave this on your desk, and show it to your boss or coworkers, they'll definately get a kick out of it.

Sometimes office-themed humor can get redundant, and become predictable (which is kind of fitting when you think of the target), but the writers and artists keep it fresh on each page.

I also love the format of a catalog. You don't have to read it cover to cover in order, it's great for thumbing through when you've got some time to kill on that next conference call. I also like how it doesn't feel like their one joke was a catalog spoof, and then the content falls flat. To the contrary, it feels like they had so many spoof items that they could put together an ample catalog. Kudos.

My favorite out of the whole book is the Conference Call Middle Finger Detector (p. 101) that supposedly lets you know when someone on the other end of a conference call is flipping you off. Heh heh. I also dig the e-mail program that makes it look like you were in the office at 7am.

I can't think of a single downside to this book at all. It's hilarious, and will get you much needed brownie points in the office. C'mon, we all know you're the office farter. It wouldn't hurt to get your coworkers on your goodside. And hey, this would make a great gift if you have office holiday gift exchanges.

What you need to do now is swing by check out some of the excerpts there, and then decide for yourself. I'm not kidding. C'mon it's like $10 on Great gift or executive washroom reading material.

Looking for more office themed humor? Check out the ninja gun and the Cubes, little office playsets from Archie McPhee.

Review ©2005

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