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How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion
By Daniel H. Wilson
Published by Bloomsbury
by Mr. Stinkhead

You see them every day, in some shape or form. You depend on their services. You put blinding trust in their capability. They are planning a coup that will end life as we know it.

Robots. They're everywhere. Are you prepared for the the coming rebellion? Chances are the answer is no. I used to be in the same boat. Naïve, trusting, oblivious. But now, having read Daniel H. Wilson's clever guide How to Survive a Robot Uprising, I am bit more prepared than you. And I'm sorry, there is no room in my bunker.

If you're a fan of the Old Glory robot insurance, you will love this book. Nay, you need this book so that you are prepared.

I will now share some of these life-saving preparation tips from this book.

  • From How to Fool a Robot's Facial Recognition (p.90-91)
    Change your head shape—Computer vision uses edge detectors to pick out head shaped ovals for face recognition. Blur these edges with pieces of local material. Use leaves or branches in the country, and street trash in urban areas. Alternatively, a fancy hat will help you trick the robots while maintaining your reputation as a foppish young wag.

  • From How to Spot a Robot Mimicking A Human (p.82)
    Listen to the subject's voice—Make sure that intonation and emotion in the voice are consistent with the situation. Set off an emotional response in the subject with compliments, jokes, or insults. Bolt immediately if you hear an impassive Austrian accent.
    Follow your nose—Does your friend smell like a brand new soccer ball?

  • From How to Escape a Humanoid Robot (p.25)
    Find a car and burn rubber—Theoretically, a humanoid robot could sprint as fast (or faster) than an automobile, but the resulting heat and stress would likely overheat or injure the robot pursuer.

  • From How to Survive Hand-to-Hand Combat (p.99)
    Find a weapon— Your pathetic human hands are useless here. Choose a blunt or pointed instrument (serrated edges don't work against metal and durable plastic). Even a simple crow bar can save your life—you can run away while the robot condescendingly bends it into a pretzel shape.

Check out more life-saving tips on the official site

As you can see, this book is full of tips and knowledge you need if you plan to survive the apocalypse. Do not delay.

Check out Mr. Stinkhead Disguised as a robot!

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You can also buy it from

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