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The Job Complete Series
by Mr. Stinkhead

I never religiously watched The Job when it originally aired. I caught an episode here and there, but between all the guilty pleasure reality crap I watch, and The Sopranos, this one never made my must-see line up. Now having torn through the first couple of episodes non-stop, I see that I indeed was missing something.

I am a gigantic fan of the newer show Rescue Me. It's out on DVD next week, and the second season starts up shortly thereafter. I felt that though the overall show was a downer, the dialogue and characters kept it hilarious, and in check. It's not too drama-y or too much of a brainless comedy. It was a solid television show.

But enough about Rescue Me, let's look at Denis Leary's precursor The Job. You can see where Rescue Me came from, as Denis's lead character Mike McNeil suffers from the usual Leary problems. Drugs, alcohol, women, and work.

The upside of The Job is that it's quickly paced. Each episode is intended for a half hour time slot, and the jokes keep rolling. Frequently we found ourselves anxious to watch the next episode because we were just getting warmed up. Typically with police dramas, you need the hour, however I think the level of absurdity that The Job employs may not work in an hour format. I'm glad they erred in favor of not enough drama, instead of sacrificing the light-hearted mood. Yeah it's a little goofy, but it was enjoyable. The characters worked very well together, and I felt comfortable with the stories and dialogue fitting what it should.

If you like Denis Leary, you'll enjoy checking out this show. There is a minor back story (he has a wife and a girlfriend) that should be understood, but you can jump in at practically any point and watch whichever episodes. It's nice having something not-so-intertwined (or dependant on inside jokes) that you have to watch each in order.

Video clip: [ Windows Media | Quicktime]

You can pick up The Job on, and check out additional DVD information, and swing by Shout Factory's web site.

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