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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 4
Review by Lando da Pimp

From 1989 through the early 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruled the heart of all kids. Breaking out from the Mirage B&W comic books the pizza loving mutants as an animated cartoon. While the Turtles lost their dark edge created in the comics the show took them to new heights.

Season Four brought the Turtle universe all sorts of new characters including Gadgetman and Slash taking the show farther away from its roots. At this point the show was a constant battle of Turtles vs. Krang / Dimension X. Don’t get me wrong the show was fun but slowly got cheesy.

Stand Out Episodes

click herePlan Six from Outer Space
Determined to get even with the Turtles, Krang sends Rocksteady and Bebop to earth disguised Rocksteady and Bebop as humans. Krang is hopeful that the two can send the TMNT and Channel Six into Dimension X!

Michaelangelo Toys Around
Michaelangelo, discuises himself to attend a toy show. Little does he know that Wilbur Weazell, inventor of Tyler Toys, programmed a toy to attack and destroy.

Shredder's Mom
Krang and Shredder set up a giant mirror from Dimension X causing the Earth to be engulfed in steaming heat. Shredder's mother, Miyoko, joins the Turtles to stop her son's plan.

The Turtles and the Hare
Rocksteady and Bebop, disquise as Easter bunnies, and blasting people with a Docilizer Ray turning Earth's population into rabbit-like people.

click hereSlash - The Evil Turtle from Dimension X
Krang turns Bebop's pet turtle into an evil Mutant Ninja Turtle, named Slash to battle the Turtles.

click hereParting Thoughts
The show was very goofy at times but was the best thing on Saturday mornings at the time. It’s good to see that the Turtles made a return to Saturday mornings and the film should help continue keeping the Turtles alive. No real bonus features, which is a surprise especially since the Turtle Tips were not included. Fans will love that the show is now being released in season sets instead of Best of shows.


The fourth season of TMNT is available at

Review ©2007

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