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Law & Order Trial by Jury

Review by Mr. Stinkhead

My wife, The Princess of Power and I love the Law & Order franchise. We watched L&O religiously while Lenny was still on, and we haven't missed too many episodes of SVU. We watch Criminal Intent whenever we happen upon it... so when we heard that there was another spin-off coming out, this time centered on the DA office and the trial aspect, we tuned in. The first episode was written by L&O executive producer/creator Dick Wolf, and it was pretty gripping. The series was put on Friday nights so we didn't see too many episodes after that, and then we found that it wasn't getting renewed. Now we have it on DVD and were able to watch all 12 episodes, plus one that never got to air.

Like I said, the first episode, featuring Annabella Sciorra (who is now a quasi-regular on Criminal Intent) was very well done. It had a punch to the story, and I got on board with the stable characters, played by Bebe Neuwirth and Amy Carlson right away. Familiar faces Fred Thompson and Jerry Orbach were a welcome site.

We watched most of the other episodes, and they're engaging, but unless you were a die-hard L&O freak who doesn't go out on Fridays, it would be tough to re-arrange my schedule for this show. This is why DVD is perfect. It's great on DVD. Now having seen most of the run, I would have loved to see this go to a second season.

It is particulary sad that Jerry (Lenny) passed away right when the series started shooting, so he's only in three episodes, his presence was definately felt in this new format. There are several behind-the-scenes features that are worth watching as well.

The (Complete Series) Law & Order Trial by Jury is available at

Review ©2006

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