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Unsolved Mysteries
Psychics and Bizarre Murders
Review by Mr. Stinkhead

When I was young, I loved staying up to watch Unsolved Mysteries. I loved the music, the reenactments, and the mystery that the road-side murder is still wandering the streets (maybe yours!) Most of all I loved Robert Stack. What a cool guy. Not only was he the voice of Ultra Magnus in Transformers the Movie, but he had a dry delivery and cool air about him that was almost more scary than the stories presented. He could kick William Rescue 911 Shatner's ass any day. In fact, I will stake my reputation on the fact that he could kick John America's Most Wanted Walsh's ass too. Remember his spot in Baseketball? Pure comedy gold.

So now they're releasing select episodes on DVD. Well, the show itself would contain a couple of finely produced segments, so these are collections of commonly themed segments, not complete episodes like they originally aired. Which is good, I always thought the reunions were snore-fests.

Bizarre Murders
We kick off with the story of the Boston Strangler. There's an interview with the alleged Strangler's brother, and plenty of police photos and old detectives who worked with the case. With the over abundance of "educational" entertainment television available today—like History Channel, Discovery, and HGTV—it would be tough for Unsolved Mysteries to stand out on TV today, but back in its hey day, this show was the creepy kid at the back of the classroom full of cheesy pop family shows like Growing Pains and Perfect Strangers.

I actually remember watching the episode about the guy who was struck-by-lightning-and-thus-given-future-knowledge when it originally aired. It was a particularly frustrating episode to me because I have always wanted to have psychic powers, and I have always wanted to be struck by lightning. See, lightning strikes are pretty much the biggest tragedy that can happen to you that you're liable to survive. Getting hit by a train? Probably dead. Fall off a sky rise? Probably dead. Hit by lightning? Well, there's a good chance you're telling the story. So, if you have to listen to anyone bitch and moan like "Ow, I stubbed my toe" you can follow up with Well wah! I got struck by lightning!, you can out bitch anyone for the rest of your life. Anyway, this guy got struck and was shown the future. Lucky bastard.

The music is there, Robert Stack is there, and the digital transfer is nice and clean. Now these aren't the things you're going to pop in the DVD player on a Saturday night to eat popcorn with your girlfriend (or maybe it is), but at four discs for each set, it's a great library, and a fun watch with the lights off and a scary disfigured guy outside your window.

Win One of the Sets!
We have an unopened set of Bizarre Murders and Psychics so we'll draw two winners from the correctly answered entries to win a set. E-mail your answer to the question below to before February 28th. Good luck!

Robert Stack was the voice of another character in an animated movie, Beavis and Butthead Do America. What was his name in that movie?

You can also purchase Bizarre Murders and Psychics from

And check out this fun game that shocks you, but does not give you psychic powers. Lightning Reaction

Review ©2005

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