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Star Trek: Voyager
Season 5

Review by Lando da Pimp

In 1994 the fourth incarnation of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek premiered titled Star Trek Voyager. For the first few seasons, Voyager struggled to find itself. Season five became its breakout season.

Stand Out Episodes
The storytelling for season 5 was superb. There were very few weak episodes.

The season starts out with the episode Night. This is one of the few Trek season premieres that was not a huge event or conclusion. The crew is disheartened by a lengthy trip through a desolate area of black space. No stars can be seen. This black void gives the crew very low moral. Captain Janeway has kept to herself, depressed, because of the responsibility of why Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant. Aliens who live in this black void need Voyager's help to stop another species from polluting their area. This episode also marks the introduction of the holo-program "Captain Proton." Tom Paris stars as Captain Proton, with Harry Kim as his sidekick.

click hereThe second episode titled Drone, begins when Borg nanoprobes fuse with the Doctor's mobile emitter and a sudden emergence of a Borg grows and develops. Seven of Nine instructs him in the ways of humanity trying to keep him from joining the Borg who would want to integrate his advanced technology into the collective.

Voyager discovers species 8472 developed an alien training ground for the infiltration of Earth with the episode In the Flesh. Starfleet headquarters is recreated to exact detail. Conducting a surveillance mission, Chakotay finds himself surrounded by species 8472 posing as humans.

click hereThe episode Timeless is the highlight of the season. Fifteen years after making a horrible mistake, ensign Kim attempts to rewrite history to save the fate of Voyager. Kim and Chakotay make it back to Earth, but when Starfleet gave up their search for Voyager, they decide to search for a way to correct their mistake. The episode begins with an older ensign Kim and Chakotay searching for Seven of Nine in an ice trapped Voyager. Using a stolen Borg temporal transmitter and the Delta Flyer from Starfleet, and now they can use Seven's Borg interplexing beacon to send a new set of phase corrections back in time to the crew. Captain Geordi La Forge attempts to stop Kim from rewriting history.

click hereThe two-part Borg episode Dark Frontier gives us the first look at Seven of Nine's parents and how she was assimilated. Lured back to the collective by the Borg Queen, Voyager decides to rescue Seven using technology that Seven's parent developed.

The packaging for these DVDs are very simple and well designed. The discs are housed in a plastic book-like case. The case is housed in a clear plastic slipcase divided in two halves. Its very attractive but my casings have already cracked and broke in some areas.

The DVD interface main menu screen uses four different views of the Delta flyer for each episode on the disc. These are not as interesting as the other Star Trek series DVDs.

The Extras
The extras are nothing that most fans won't already know. All of the extras are featurette-style looks behind-the-scenes of the season and the characters of the show.

Season five is the best Star Trek Voyager season of the series. The set is a must for fans to own and non-fans to check out what they may have missed when the show was on. The presentation quality of the episodes is solid, and there are a nice selection of featurette-style looks behind-the-scenes to satisfy any Trekkie.

The Fifth Season of Voyager is available from

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