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Star Trek: Voyager
Season 6

Review by Lando da Pimp

Star Trek Voyager season six was the first time that Voyager was alone. Not only were they stranded in the Delta quadrant, but also for the first time Voyager was the only Star Trek show on television. This gave the responsibility of Janeway, 7 of 9, and the rest of the Voyager crew to keep Gene Roddenberry's creation alive without the help of DS9 or TNG.

Stand Out Episodes
Season five was a great year of quality episodes making it the best season of the series. Season 6 had a lot to live up to and ended up not being as good. That isn't to say the season sucked, because it didn't. A few episodes of Season 6 became very memorable:

click hereThe season begins with the conclusion of the cliffhanger episode Equinox. Voyager discovers the U.S.S. Equinox is also stranded in the Delta Quadrant and has been attacked by nucleogenic life forms. These aliens are angry with Captain Ransom and the Equinox crew for the killing of their species for their organic matter to enhance the propulsion system of their warp drive system. Once Voyager discovers Ransom's secret, Janeway makes it her primary goal to retrieve her kidnapped crew (7 of 9 & The Doctor) as well as stopping the Equinox crew from destroying the aliens.

The episode One Small Step finds Voyager searching for a long-lost Mars spacecraft from Earth. After a successful aversion from an energy pulse, Chakotay and Paris remind Captain Janeway of a similar phenomenon that occurred back in 2032. A command module from an earlier Mars expedition was consumed by a rolling ball of deadly energy. Voyager launches a search for the possibility of the missing U.S. spacecraft still trapped inside the energy field. This is a great episode that makes a person think about our real exploration of space and if one day to humans will explore space just like in Star Trek.

Lieutenant Barkley and Deanna Troi return for this unique episode. Barkley becomes obsessed with making contact with Voyager, and befriends holographic recreations of the Voyager crew. This obsession returns Barkley's problem with holodeck addiction. Deanna Troi returns to help Reg with his addiction but also give him advice for how to deal with the real world and not rely on the holodeck to live his life. I always liked the character of Barkley. He reminds me of a normal person with their paranoia of technology. How many of us would have the courage to be transported or not want to be in the holodeck all the time?

click hereOne of my favorite episodes of Star Trek Voyager is an episode called Fair Haven. Tom and Ensign Kim create an authentic holodeck program of an old Irish town called Fair Haven. Janeway allows the simulation to stay active to help boost the crew's morale. When the captain visits the holodeck creation she finds herself attracted to the holographic bartender Michael Sullivan. Janeway however finds fault with the creation especially with the wife. With a few changes to the characters sub-routines Michael, becomes Janeways perfect mate. Everything is great until the hologram falls in love with the captain and she comes to realize that the relationship would never work.

Like the previous Voyager sets, Season 6 is simple and well designed. The discs are housed in a plastic book-like case that is protected by a clear plastic slipcase divided in two halves.

click hereThe Extras
All of the Star Trek DVD's have similar extras. The main extra is the season synopsis where the cast and crew along with special guest stars including The Rock give their take on key episodes. We also get a look at some of the special effects of the series, a look into the character of Chakotay, and Robert Picardos involvement with the Mars Rover programs.

click hereOverall
Season Six gives us some great episodes and the beginning of contact with Starfleet which I think loses some of the uniqueness of Voyager. The fact that they can talk to Starfleet was exciting at first but I like the fact that they were alone. Unfortunatley we also get a few bad episodes including the episode Tsunkatse in which 7 of 9 fights The Rock. This just screams of ratings grabber. This may not be the best season of Voyager but it does give us a great introduction of what is to come with the final season and like always perfect for any Trekkie.

The Sixth Season of Voyager is available from

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Review ©2004

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