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Star Trek: Voyager
Season 7

Review by Lando da Pimp

The final season of Star Trek Voyager started off slow, but by the end had some great moments. Like TNG & DS9; Voyager only lasted seven seasons. What is bad about that is that all three shows left on top. For Voyager they finally answered the question "Would Voyager get home to the Alpha quadrant?"

Stand Out Episodes
My only complaint about Star Trek Voyager was the amount of episodes that deal with the Borg. I love the Borg, but at times it was overkill. The main reason for so many Borg episodes were produced of course was ratings. [Ed note: Resistance is futile]. However when it came to getting Voyager home sooner than later, a Borg conduit does the trick. Voyager season seven did have a number of quality episodes:

click hereUnimatrix Zero
In the conclusion of Unimatrix Zero we find Janeway, Tuvok, and B'Elanna disguised as Borg. They are attempting to free the few drones who have the ability to enter Unimatrix Zero, a secluded place within the Borg collective where drones can be themselves while they regenerate. The Borg Queen attempts to stop Voyager from allowing her Borg to ever have traces of individuality, I liked this episode but it keeps making me think of TNG's Best of Both Worlds.

Taking the Delta Flyer for a test run, Tom Paris and Harry Kim are challenged to a race by an alien vessel. Irina, the alien pilot, has trouble in the race through the asteroid field. Paris and Kim rescue Irina, who then informs them about a space race, prompting Paris to convince Captain Janeway to let the Delta Flyer compete. Any episode that deals with Tom Paris is always fun. He's my favorite character from the show. This is also the episode where Tom and B'Elana finally get married.

Inside Man
The Pathfinder project allowed Voyager to receive mail from Starfleet. When the next datastream arrives, instead of mail, a hologram of Reginald Barclay is present. Holo-Barclay is sent to help Voyager enhance their shields for a procedure that Starfleet has developed to speed up their trip home. Or have they?

Reginald Barclay is a great character that was never used enough in The Next Generation. Dwight Schultz who portrayed the character as well as Murdock on the A-Team is a great actor that never gets the recognition he deserves.

click hereQ2
In the last appearance of Q, Captain Janeway is surprised by the visit of Q and his son Q (Q2). His father leaves him on Voyager to learn about humanity. Q2 is found to be trouble when he throws a party around the warp core, removes Seven of Nine's clothes (nice touch), and gives the computer a rebellious personality. Janeway informs Q that he needs to make his son understand that there are consequences to his actions. Q then tells his son that if he doesn't shape up, the Continuum will sentence Q2 to an eternity as an amoeba.

click hereI love the character of Q and I was glad to see him used throughout the different series (I am waiting Enterprise!!!). I found this episode to be just fun and enjoyable. John DeLancie's (Q) real life son Keegan portrayed Q2.

Thirty-three years into the future we see the crew of Voyager celebrating their 10th anniversary of their return to Earth. Kathryn Janeway is now an admiral, Harry Kim is a starship captain, Tom Paris is a full-time holonovelist, and the Doctor (he picked his name as "Joe") is married to a human woman. The only crewmember missing is Seven of Nine. When her name is brought up Captain Janeway avoids the subject. Janeway decides to go back in time to bring Voyager home earlier hoping that she will save Seven of Nine's life.

Endgame is a great episode, but compared to the season finale of TNG and DS9 it doesn't hold up. Voyager does get home but what happened? I would have loved to seen an extra hour of the show with the crew welcomed home by their family and friends.

click hereThe DVD
After owning all of the Voyager box sets, I must say that they have the best packaging of any the Star Trek sets. They are well designed and simple. Each season has had an image of Voyager in space fields that deals with the season. Season 7 has Voyager back on Earth flying over Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. It's the perfect image for the final season.

click hereExtras
The featurette "Braving the Unknown" has the crew look back upon the season discussing stories and their characters. Other extras include an interview with Robert Picardo and the making of "Borg Invasion 4D." However the highlight is the featurette "Coming Home: The Final Episode."

click hereParting Thoughts
When Voyager was on television I was in college for a majority of the series and was unable to watch most of the episodes. It has been great to watch shows that I have never seen before. How does Star Trek Voyager compare to the other Star Trek series? I believe it holds its own. Deep Space Nine found its focus away from The Next Generation and I believe that Voyager, overall, is a solid Star Trek series.

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Review ©2004

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