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Wings Season 3
Review by Lando da Pimp

With two successful seasons Wings proved that it was more than just a spin off of Cheers. The addition of Tony Shalub (of Monk fame) who played Taxi driver Antonio rounded out the cast for the third season. A number of other soon to be famous guest stars appeared including Laura Innes (ER fame) playing Lowell’s estranged wife Bunny and LOST fame Matthew Fox. More known guest stars at that time include Bebe Neuwirth, Kelsey Grammer portraying the Cranes.

Stand-Out Episodes

click here The Naked Truth:
Continuing where season 2 left off Brian and Joe track down Helen in New York City working as a strip joint.

I Ain’t Got No Bunny
Lowell believes that his wife is cheating on him and with Brian’s help proves that he is right.

The Late Mrs. Biggins
Hoping to win his ex-wife back Roy and Brian travel to Boston to win her back. They discover that her life is better without Roy

click hereMarriage, Italian Style
When Antonio is threatened on being deported Brian finds him a girl to marry. When the girl runs away before the wedding with Helen jumping to the rescue!

Divorce, Italian Style
Helen discovers that it will take three years before they can divorce to keep Antonio in the country. This news resigns Helen to life as his wife.

click herePlanes, Trains, and Visiting Cranes
Frasier Crane visits Nantucket for a self-esteem seminar.

As Fate Would Have It
Helen is given a job with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Accompaning Helen the gang boards a plane. The season ends with both engines failing leaving a great cliffhanger.

The Extras
There are no special features included on the discs.

click hereOverall
Another great season for Wings fans to enjoy. Sadly no bonus features to enjoy.

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Review ©2006

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