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Wings Season 4
Review by Lando da Pimp

The fourth season of Wings begins where the third season left off. The gang traveling back from New York crash land into the ocean. This event effects the future of Sandpiper Air and Joe's decision to sell the airline putting his relationship with Helen in jeopardy.

Stand Out Episodes

After being rescued from the ocean by the coast Guard Joe begins to feel the pressure of keeping a airline afloat without a plane.

Noses Off
Joe and Lowell finally get Sandpiper back in business, but before he can begin to fly again Joe's nose is broken by a man who mistakes him for Brian.

Two Jerks and a Jill
The new helicopter pilot Alex Lambert arrives to the island of Nantucket. Blowing off both Joe and Brian's advances.

Labor Pains
Lowell decides to ask Roy and Joe for a raise after he discovers how little he makes in comparison to other mechanics. With the help of Antonio, Lowell threatens to quit even though he doesn't want to.

The Gift (Part 1 & 2)
Helen decides to audition for the Nantucket String Quartet. Unfortunately, she has no cello and can't afford a new one. On the urge from Brian Joe buys her one, only to have Helen to refuse the gift.

The Houseguest
While throwing a party for Carlton, he falls down her stairs and threatens a lawsuit from his lawyer son.

Date Package Number Seven
Alex becomes enraged when she discovers that Brian took her on one of her many prepared date packages.

The Extras
There are no special features included on the discs.

click here Overall
With no special features the Wings season box sets are really only marketed to fans of the show. If you own previous versions and were satisfied you will have no problem enjoying season 4.

You can buy the first and second season of Wings from

Review ©2007

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