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The site is divided into 4 major sections. These buttons are located at the top of every page. Home: Toys: Entertainment: Lifestyle:

  • Home, which also includes contact, news, and editorial content. The home page features news and recently added features.
    • Our Favorite Articles is a good place to start with our best of the best
    • About MPb shows you the people behind the scenes.
    • Features has all of our major articles listed in the order they were published
    • Contests, we frequently give away DVDs and toys, check back for info on the latest giveaway.
    • Contact, all of our contact info in on spot.
    • Message Board, a link to the message board. The board is divided into categories and has opportunities for people to discuss, buy/sell and trade toys.
    • Links, is divided into sections featuring sites with additional information
    • Buy MPb Swag, a link to our CafePress store with MPb branded t-shirts, clocks and gifts.
    •, any purchases made on Amazon from this link helps out MPb's hosting costs.

  • Toys contains the reviews and features in regards to collecting toys. There are eight columns in the toy dept.:
    • Collectibles is where you will find the feature lines such as Xevoz, Minimates, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, and other things that you can collect.
    • Deskmates, featuring toys that are not as much collectible as they are really cool on your desk.
    • Imports, focuses on mainly Japanese toys, (including designer vinyl and plush) and other items not regularly available at national retailers
    • Games, board games and other non-video entertainment
    • Compendium, warehouses large catalogs of related topics, such as all things Batman, squishy toys, and holiday ornaments.
    • Odd, some toys just can't be classified anywhere else.
    • Customs, we will be featuring the popular world of customizing action figures.
    • Classics, will offer primers on the toy lines we can't forget.
    • Events, each year we cover the Toy Fair in New York city. Other goings on in the toy industry (and elsewhere) will also be reported on.
    • SubCultures, is an innovative exhibit analyzing toys as art.

  • Entertainment reports on movies, tv shows, books, music, video games, et al, that would interest our audience.
    • Movies offers reviews on the movies that guys like, and new DVD box sets
    • TV reviews shows now available on DVD.
    • Music, what bachelor pad is complete without ambiance? We will help you with the tunes for your hi-fi.
    • Books, believe it or not, print is not dead... yet. We have some useful coffee table books or volumes that document the bachelor lifestyle.
    • Video Games have reviews and advice on manuvering through the latest titles for all gaming platforms.
    • Interviews, such as Wil Wheaton, Mike Nelson, and popular recording artists.

  • Lifestyle has articles and features significant people, places, and a how-to in living the Millionaire Playboy lifestyle.
    • The Pad will assist you in sprucing up their bachelor pad for suitable suitoring.
    • The Man covers guys that have achieved what we all dream for.
    • The Stuff shows you the things every swingin' bachelor needs.
    • Livin' Online will help with improving your online lifestyle.
    • Events, such as the annual summer party, the Ka-Pow-BQ.
    • Interviews, even we occasionally catch up with a celebrity or industry heavy.

  • spacerThe links page and message board are available from every department.

    The drop down menu (bottom right corner) has every section mentioned here for quick access.

    Unlike other media outlets, we wanted to be accessable to our readers, so we've included a contact button next to the five sections.

    We can send you an email when we have new site additions and other exciting news if you join our mailing list, Maillionaire Playboy. There is a link to join at the bottom of every page.

    If you have any suggestions that would help make your visit at Millionaire Playboy more enjoyable, please contact us and let us know.

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