Essential Seven Thoughts & Concerns About the New Ghostbusters Film

The Ghostbusters

The trailer for Paul Feig’s all female Ghostbusters film debuted last week to mixed reviews. Since it’s announcement, I have been very curious about if the reboot would work. After seeing the trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic. I have become numb to the idea of reboots at this point. So many films I treasure from the ‘80s have been remade. Red Dawn, Karate Kid, Poltergeist, and Robocop reboots are terrible. It was only a matter of time that Ghostbusters would be remade. As much hope that we would finally see Ghostbusters 3, I was intrigued when I heard that Paul Feig was going to remake it as an all girl team. It’s different, and Paul’s films for the most part have worked very well. I have lots of opinions about the film so far. Now that we have our first look let me empty my head, keep my mind blank, and focus on the Essential Seven Thoughts / Concerns About the new Ghostbusters Film:
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LEGO Ghostbusters Trap

Flickr user Alex Eylar created an awesome Ghostbusters trap built using LEGOs.

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Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

I love the first Ghostbusters game, and this one looks just as good. Can’t wait.

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Ghostbusters Return

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Marshmallow Covered Ghostbusters

ArtAsylum posted pictures of the Ghostbusters Minimates covered in Marshmallow:

Ghostbuster Minimates Covered in Marshmallow Goop!

Although I don’t suggest actually EATING these Minimates, I do suggest checking them out! The new set includes the never seen before Janine Melnitz and the crabby Walter Peck!

Bonus? The snarky Walter Peck comes with his own marshmallow goop headdress! So you can decide if he’s being good: No goop head, or if he’s being annoying:  Slop on some goop!

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MattyCollector posted a Ghostbusters update on Facebook :

Hey Slime Fans,

I wanted to jump in and give a quick update on what is going on with the GB line in 12″ and 6″ scale. We’ve had a few delays in release dates, but all six 6″ figures and the Peter and Winston 12″ figures are still set for release in 2010.

Orignally we had intended for a new 6″ figure to ship ever 2-3 months. But, inevitably due to circumstances well beyond our control we had a few hickups (this is why we don’t do preorders for any of our lines!). But we are back online now and 6″ Walter Peck is scheduled to hit in May. This will be followed by Slimed Peter in June and Labcoat Ray in Aug.

12″ Peter will hit in April followed by Winston in Aug.

We’re running a bit behind but by the end of the year we should be caught up and ready for even more Ghostbuster fun in 2011!

There will be three more 6″ figure for 2010 yet to reveal plus a really great SDCC item that will knock your socks off! The Ghostbuster fun has only yet begun – only on!


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Cinemassacre’s Ghostbusters Tour Teaser

James Rolfe aka the Angry Video Game Nerd is working on a Ghostbusters location tour. He put up this teaser video yesterday. No set date for when the video will be completed, but if its anything like his Rocky location video, you can bet it will be a lot of fun. Mr. Stinkhead and I visited the Ghostbusters firehouse a few years ago. It’s really fun to be near the Ghostbusters headquarters.

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Ghostbusters II Slimer Test Footage

I love watching behind the scenes footage from films. Check out the Ghostbusters II Slimer test footage. Its amazing the range of emotions that they can get out of the ghost.

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Hoobastank’s Ghostbusters Cover

I’m not familiar with Hoobastank, but this is a great cover of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters song. All of the elements of the video are perfect.

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Ghostbusters Then & Now

The website Scouting New York put together a great two-part feature showing how the locations of Ghostbusters look now.

Today marks the first installment of “New York, You’ve Changed,” a new Scouting NY series in which the New York featured in movies is compared with the city of today. This is not meant to be the usual list of shooting locations and addresses to visit next time you tour the city. Instead, this is a full shot-by-shot dissection to see what New York once was and what it has become, for better or worse. I’ve tried to recreate the angles and framing as best as possible, and have presented the shots (more or less) in the order they appear in the film. Enjoy!

It’s really interesting to see how certain parts of buildings change, and other buildings still look exactly the same.

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