Christina Perri at 9:30 Club

Christina Perri

Christina Perri performed at 9:30 Club last night in DC. The crowd skewed mostly female, but I wasn’t complaining. Perri certainly has the chops. She seemed genuinely excited to be here in DC and performing for us. Check out my pics below.

Christina Perri

Christina is not quite halfway through a nationwide tour, and she’s showing no signs of exhaustion or boredom. She took quite a few opportunities to chat with the crowd and make us feel like we were at a party she was hosting, and she couldn’t wait to share some new (and favorite) songs with us.

You have of course heard (and can maybe sing) Jar of Hearts and probably Arms. I did notice the males in the audience clammed up when she performed A Thousand Years which is most famous for appearing in one (or more?) of the Twilight movies. The crowd was intensely mellow (is that possible? I just thought it sounded funny) and everyone there was riding the same vibe.

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