2010 Toy Fair Video – Collectables

(Available in HD!)

This video showcases the collectables we saw at the 2010 Toy Fair in New York City. Here are some shortcuts to the featured company’s photo galleries

  • Mattel – He-Man, Ghostbusters, Batman, DC Universe, WWE
  • DC Direct – DC Comics, True Blood, World of Warcraft
  • Diamond Select Toys – Back to the Future, Iron Man, Minimates
  • MegaBloks – Iron Man, Halo, Thomas the Tank Engine
  • NECA – T2, Beetlejuice
  • Mezco – Kick Ass, Wolfman, Mez-Itz
  • Hasbro – Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe

Be sure to check out all of our Toy Fair coverage, and stay tuned for a few more videos (including Cool Stuff we saw, plus stuff for youngsters)

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  • Will Will

    Whoa, Mr. Stinkhead! You talk sooo fast! You’re like the Micro-Machines commercial dude! Nice vid, though. A little wobbly at first, but then it settled down. Thanks for all the toyfair coverage!

  • Woo hoo- Loved it, nice camera work! Wish the Mezco part was longer. You should have taped an interview with that chubby guy who is their spokesperson.