2014 Baltimore Comic Con


The Baltimore Comic Con was this past weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. Three days of fun, vendors and tons of cosplay. Also, this event is very kid-friendly. There were tons of “panels” and scheduled events, just for the kids. We’ve been the last few years, and always enjoyed ourselves. Click below to see what my son and I dressed up as, and see all the cosplay photos I nabbed!

Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-it Felix Jr.

Last year my son and I went as Marty McFly (BTTFII) and Doc. This year we had a blast as Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix Jr., from the game Fix-It Felix Jr. My seven year old son’s main goal at the con was to nab some cool toys. He loves the big box of random Transformers and Star Wars figures he can dig through. Sometimes you can even haggle. He got some cool random figures, but we also picked up the LEGO Return of the Jedi Desert Skiff with Sarlacc pit. That was awesome. Now on to the con!


I do want to point out that the original intent of the comic con, was the comics. Rows and rows of comics. Rare, new, signed, out of print. We even saw comic issues with blank covers, so that if you approached the artist, they could sketch directly on the cover. With a seven year old in tow, it was a bit difficult to really dig deep and thumb through any stacks, but I did keep my eye out. Mostly I was looking for some cool toys like my kid. I did not get Masterpiece Soundwave ($225) but I did grab Scribbleface Good Cop/Bad Cop from the Lego Movie, which saved me from opening any more blind packs to get him.


There was tons of cosplay! I used to hit cons regularly 15 years ago, and it was alllll dudes. You’d maybe see one or two girls in attendance, but very rarely in cosplay. It seems over the last few years, with the main-stream-ification of all things nerd, there are a lot more girls in attendance, and almost all of them were in costume. Some people complain that the niche stuff is too widespread and watered down, but if it means more fans like these? And Slave Leias, and Supergirls? Then I’m all for it. I love seeing people have fun and get into the spirit of their favorite fandom. And it’s not all about girls and their skin either, I love the time and effort and skill that went into making the original costumes and props. Guys and girls. It’s awe inspiring. There is a huge gallery of the cosplay pics I nabbed, below.


Games and Events
There were lots of games for the kids. We participated in Scribble, Doodle Draw! which has published artists drawing along side young artists in rapid-fire contests. Then there was the Jedi Lightsaber training (above). There were also seminars for young dreamers to create their own heroes, and help putting together your own monsters and comic books. This was all near “Kid Row” where there tons of tables of books and artists specializing in titles just for young readers.

This was truly an epic weekend. We did this on Saturday, followed by Marvel Universe Live on Sunday. The kids were in comic heaven. If you are a fan of comics, toys, collectibles, or all things pop culture, you can really get wrapped up at the Baltimore Comic Con. If you have kids, you can blow their minds as well, getting photos with their favorite heroes, and seeing everyone have fun.
We love cons here at We recently visited the Brick Fair LEGO convention in Dulles, and the Awesome Con in DC. Check out for details on how to attend next year. And stay tuned for our coverage of the New York Comic Con coming in October.

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