2016 AwesomeCon Wrap Up


AwesomeCon was last weekend and we’re still catching our breath. This year we were able to check it out on Friday and Sunday and we scored a mighty haul and got loads of pics of awesome cosplay. I loved this Ajax (Francis) and Johnny Bravo. We have a write-up and a huge gallery below. Check it out!


Walking in to the convention on Friday right as the door opened, I spotted this super-rare, yet excellently executed Willard Scott-era Ronald McDonald. That’s right. Willard Scott was in the DC area in the early 60s and invented this version of Ronald McDonald (it’s slightly horrifying). Corporate loved it, and evolved the character into the familiar clown recognized as the national icon. I love that it’s something I’ve never seen cosplayed before, its particularly relevant to the DC area, and he really pulled it off. Did you not believe that the original was horrifying? Check it out.


Speaking of obscure restaurant mascots, this young lady went as Little Caesar’s. I love the attention to detail on her spear.


My son and I went as the Garbage Pail Kids TeeVee Stevie and Adam Bomb. Long thought to be nigh-impossible to realize in cosplay, I painted styrofoam to make my mushroom cloud and had a lot of people come up and ask to take our picture. Speaking of Garbage Pail Kids, there wasn’t much in the way of GPKs at the show, but we grabbed what we did find. We got 3 of the Funko Vinyl GPKs, a factory sealed hobby box of 2014’s Series 1 cards, and a handful of GPK Minikins, the blind packed little rubber toys of GPK favorites. Out of 3 packs, my son pulled the blue TeeVee Stevie. SCORE!


We also picked up some comic books, a LEGO minifig, and a plush Action Cat from Oh Yeah Comics. There was a great number of dealer tables. Everybody seemed to have different stuff, so there wasn’t a lot of repetition. It felt like there was an even split of toys, comic books, collectables, and general fan merchandise. I did notice there seemed to be a lot more tables selling props and cosplay accoutrement this year. I tell people that AwesomeCon is more pop-culture oriented, and Baltimore Comic Con (coming in Sept) is much more comic book based.


As you saw above with that Chewbacca, and the crew above, there is a very legit Star Wars / 501st Legion presence at AwesomeCon. One of my favorite parts is swinging by the Star Wars area and seeing all the great costumes and props. The DC area R2DC Artoo builders club has several fully functional R2 units poking around, and you can get pictures with everyone. I also like the NERF gun shooting gallery. Drop a few bucks for charity and get to pelt some storm troopers. I was really hoping to see a BB-8, and they didn’t disappoint!


The retro gaming booth had the brand new Ghostbusters pinball. This game just came out from Stern Pinball and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those flippers. The game is rapid fire fun, and the artwork is stellar. That’s because it was from talented hands at Zombi Yeti, a friend of mine. MAGFEST was also on hand with a retro arcade this year. It was packed!


Another great addition was the Lego Area race track courtesy of BrickFair. Kids build up a racer with bricks from the large bins of random pieces and then race them down the track. Next to the Star Wars area, this was a great breather from all the shopping. They had a lot of tracks and a lot of bricks, so there wasn’t a wait to get constructing.


I love the spirit and dedication that goes into cosplay. And the cajones that it takes to wear it all day. I would never make fun of someone’s misguided choice of subject, or poor execution. However, this dude is wearing the brand new Ghostbusters flight suit. I don’t care that it’s a female cast, I care the movie hasn’t come out yet, I feel like this was a gamble tossing his vote towards the new movie. I’d at least wait until it comes out… my two cents. These guys looked great otherwise.


Due to scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t come down on Saturday for the Science Channel demonstrations. I heard people talking about it still on Sunday, and it sounded like a great event for kids and adults. But their new campaign #MindBlown uses a logo that appears, heavily inspired by the very same Adam Bomb GPK that I was referencing. Check out the eyes and shape of the head… I see it as tribute. If you really like Garbage Pail Kids, check out our two-part Podcast.

There were also panels, and celebs, and tons of artists. I loved that we were able to enjoy the con our way and left exhilarated and exhausted and super excited for next year. Keep an eye on and we’ll let you know when you can grab tickets and who’s going to be there.

Now spend sometime perusing all our sweet cosplay pics below!

2016 AwesomeCon Cosplay

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