2016 Toy Fair Report – Modarri Cars


We love Modarri in our house, check out the recent Podcast my son put together reviewing his favorite cars. They’re fun to drive with just one finger, but mixing and matching the pieces is half the fun. Wait till he gets a load of all the new sets they’re bring out this year! Click below for more.


My son and I love playing with Modarri Cars. It’s very easy to break it down and swap pieces of the chassis and even the tires and have an all new car. Modarri cars have been available in mom & pop shops for a bit over a year, but now they’re starting to show up in Target. They’ve updated the packaging (above) so you can see both a complete car and how it breaks down. If you get just ten seconds to play around with one, you’ll fall in love.


This updated T1 Track car (see the spoiler) made my son say Whoa. We’re really looking forward to these coming out.


One of the other fun things you can do is find these DIY kits and paint your own Modarri car. These special sets feature a matte finish to better hold paint. Even the all new Muscle car body is available as a DIY kit.


This roadster is part of the new Enduro line. It does not mix and match with the other vehicles, but features the same one finger drive-ability. It, and it’s companion truck are made of sustainable materials and built to last. This roadster features recycled aluminum, reclaimed leather, and even recycled water bottles. It (and other Modarri cars) fit in the bed of the Enduro truck (seen in the gallery below.)

Another accessory to the standard line is this car carrier. It fits up to 8 cars, but includes three.


This all inclusive birthday package is already doing well on the Modarri website. You get twelve cars, the bonus tire sets, and the expansion chassis packs. This is great for a birthday party or other gathering. All the kids can get their own car and start mixing and matching.


Modarri is also producing carrying cases this year. They store 12 complete cars and have space for the screwdriver tool and extra pieces. It helps keep it all organized and makes it easier to take your collection on the go.

Here is the 3.5 minute podcast my son made about his favorite Modarri cars. We can’t wait to try out the new models for 2016!

Check out the gallery below of all new cars coming out. And visit the Modarri website for more information and availability.

2016 Toy Fair Modarri Cars

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