2016 Toy Fair Report – NECA


NECA blew us away with new and exciting figures from Aliens, Rocky, Hateful 8, Predator, Gremlins, Pacific Rim and more.


Ash is back in the new show Ash vs Evil Dead. I love all the dioramas that the artists at NECA put together to help “make the sale” at Toy Fair each year. They always expertly capture the scene from the movies, but showcase the figures expertly. These figures will in stores in March!

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Hateful 8 was one of my absolute favorite movies recently, and I loved seeing the spirit of the movie captured in these retro style figures. Each of the Eight are represented, and they feature fabric (and fur) clothes. They’re shipping to stores in complete sets (there will be 1 of each or 2 of each, etc) so grab one or grab all eight.


I cannot tell you how many dreams I’ve dreamt where I possessed a toy (or the original animation puppet) of the batwing Gremlin. No really, I’ve had more than one dream where I’ve won an auction and bought the original stop-motion puppet. Anyway, that dream is now alive that NECA has produced the Batwing Gremlin. He’ll be out in a month or less and retail for about $40.


The Pacific Rim sequel may be indefinitely shelved for now, but new fully-posable figures keep surfacing in 2016. My son and I love the film, and have several of the figures. He even made a stop motion battle you can watch. We’re looking forward to the Ultra Deluxe Mutavor and updated Gipsy Danger appearing as early as April in stores.


We’re really excited that Weird Al is finally getting a figure. I appreciate that you get both the retro styled head, and a more contemporary look, depending on which Weird Al you want to display.


First the Batwing Gremlin, then Weird Al, and now Bill & Ted? This year’s nostalgia was overwhelming and wonderful. These retro-cloth figures look Excellent, and it’ll be totally bogus if you don’t grab these when they hit stores in about a month. Don’t be a medieval dickweed.

Tons of great stuff coming out of NECA this year. Swing by their website for more availability and check out my lush gallery below.

2016 Toy Fair NECA

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