2016 Toy Fair Report – Playmobil


Playmobil had a great showing at Toy Fair this year. This is my favorite booth every year. Check below for tons of pics from their display this year. Pirates, all new NHL teams, and even pirates that interact with your app.

Update: I’ve added my in depth write-up, click below to see!


C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! The NHL line has been expanded to include all new NHL teams, including my beloved Washington Capitals. They’re featuring rivalry two-pack blister cards, and an all new hockey advent calendar!


I’m very excited about the two new jumbo figures. These are about two feet tall, and feature some poseability. The XXL Santa Claus was a big hit last year, so they’re introducing their knight and princess. I’d love to see an astronaut. I don’t think I’m going to hold out though, I really like that knight. These will retail for about the same price as the Santa (currently $70).


The new mystery Fi?ures offering looks awesome. I’m going to track this one down and customize my own Eva from Ex Machina. I also liked the lobster fisher-woman, the racecar driver (trying to get him to drive my Porsche), the dynomite cowboy miner, and the new fire wizard.


This is the app-driven playset I was telling you about. There are four “app” pirate cannon sets. Download the app to your phone and use the functioning cannon to shoot at the pirate ships on your device. I really like how these playsets are cool on their own, you don’t have to have the app to enjoy them. I don’t feel like there’s any compromise here, but it brings playmobil up to speed with what everyone else is doing.


The new realistic space theme was a big deal this year. I had gotten the rocket launchpad and shuttle (2 separate sets!) for Christmas and already did some studio photos with them. These are fantastic sets and I highly recommend them. They light up, they make noise, and they’re very inspiring to young engineers. If you recall 2 years ago I customized a playmobil Orion module. Maybe this is something we can see, official, at Toy Fair next year?


My son loves his carrying case playsets that have the lock and key. He has the police station and the dragon knight set. This year there are more carry and go playsets including this school house, a fire house, and a new police station. Just as long as it includes a jail, my son will be happy.


The updated Zoo is out in stores now and features tons of updated animals. There’s also an add-on snack bar (with peacock) and a petting zoo. I have pics of all the animals in the gallery below.


The pirates are always a safe bet, and this year sees an updated pirate ship, and this glorious pirate hideaway. I love the waterfall, and the shipwreck made into a stronghold. There are two differently-sized ships offered this year, and aside from this pirate fort, there’s also a smaller lighthouse-base. Playmobil has rigid quality standards that they won’t compromise on, but they do want their pricing to be a bit more competitive. So they’re addressing a wider spectrum of budgets, while still producing top-tier quality and play value.

So there was no Super 4 sets on display. My son and I loved watching the show on Netflix, and we bought a few of the playsets. They’re really fun! I only wish more people had seen the show to support further sets.


Here are the infamous Funko licensed playmobil figures. These are not made by playmobil. Playmobil (Germany) licensed their look and feel to Funko for them to apply to their own licensed properties using the playmobil design aesthetic. As you know playmobil never uses licensed properties as they want children’s minds to provide the stories. If playmobil made Batman or Angry Birds figures the kids wouldn’t imagine back stories and characters, etc… this is different than the NHL logos and Porsche. These funko figures will be larger than playmobil scale, and appear to have a matte finish, rather than the playmobil glossy look. These are being marketed as collector items, and not for children. For the most part, I’m coming around with this advancement. I like that there is a clear separation from the traditional playmobil offering, thus preserving the original brand. I’m a big Back to the Future fan, so I like the Doc and Marty (they need to adjust Marty’s hairpiece first) But really, I’m not happy with some of the more violent and adult themes this arrangement produces. I’m proceeding cautiously.

Swing by for more information and availability. Stay tuned to MillionairePlayboy for more playmobil reviews and features through the year. Here is my big gallery of images from this year’s showroom. Enjoy!

2016 Toy Fair – Playmobil

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