2017 Awesome Con!


Awesome Con was in DC this past weekend! And we have tons of cosplay pics. Before that, check out all the panels and activities there were as well. Guests included Stan Lee and Dr. Who’s David Tennant. And for the first time, Awesomecon and the Smithsonian presented Future Con talking about real-life science and its influence on Sci-fi.


Future Con consisted of panels lead by NASA scientists, sci-fi writers, and curators from the Smithsonian museums. We sat in a few panels, including Museum on the Moon, where they predict that once space tourism becomes viable, you could one day fly to the moon and view the Apollo 11 landing site, much like you visit Civil War battlefields today. We also enjoyed the panel on where they went through the different methods popular science fiction titles explained how they handled Faster than Light Travel and Artificial Gravity.


The folks at NIST had demonstrations on fast acting polymers. We got to mix a few chemicals and then decorate this rapidly expanding (and solidifying) foam. Mr. Foamy has a spot on my son’s shelf. We also liked chatting with the folks from NASA and asking questions about the moon and the tools they use to measure it.


One of our favorite spots is the massive Star Wars corner. There are folks from the 501st, Old Line Garrison, the R2DC R2 builders club, Mandalorian Mercs, and more pose for photos and even let you shoot at Stormtroopers with NERF guns. They’re happy to answer questions and it’s a thrill seeing your favorite characters up close.


Of course it’s all about the cosplay. We love the creative spirit and enthusiasm everyone puts into honoring their favorite pop culture heroes. We came across this random happenstance of Spider-Men. I love when similarly themed characters run into each other. We have a massive gallery of cosplay below. We also have photos from two different costume contests. There was a “casual” contest on the Backlot stage, but there was also the big costume contest on the main stage on Saturday night. The grand prize was a trip to Japan courtesy of ANA. Be sure to look through all of our photos to see the amazing entries.

What did we cosplay as? My son and I love Spike TV’s MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). We knew it would be one of our more obscure pop culture references, but we wanted to give it a try. I was dressed as David Babaganoosh, an outrageous contestant, and my son as sideline reporter Guy LeDouche. More people recognized us than we counted on. Several people shouted Don’t get eliminated! and asked to pose with us for pics. We had a blast scouring the completely unsorted $1 bin for Animaniacs comics and came home with a bunch of Pokemon toys.

Awesome Con is becoming a must-see destination, and we’re proud it calls it’s home in DC.
Stay tuned for next year’s Awesome Con, March 30-April 1, 2018.

Awesome Con 2017

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