2017 Baltimore Comic Con photos

Baltimore Comic Con was this past weekend and we had an absolute blast. Between two adults and three boys under 12 we dropped a lot on vintage toys, new toys, trade paperbacks and back issues. Even got some sketches and autographs while we were at it. Click for more, including lots of cosplay, below!


This Biker Scout duo was my favorite cosplay of the day. I love the accuracy in the execution, and the dedication in making a mini-me version for his kid. He even had a voice modulator that kind of freaked me out when he agreed to a photo. The crazy part is that his son will eventually outgrow that suit and they’ll need to make a bigger size, or go with a new duo? I dunno. My son and I always go as a duo, and we plan something different each year. Last year we were Garbage Pail Kids. And one year we were Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix. What were we this year? I’ll tell you in a bit.


Wow, there sure was an explosion in these full print bodysuits. A lot of people were wearing them, and they looked great. Also a plus, most people wearing them were an appropriate body type. This could be a potential nightmare, but this year’s offering was safely… um, suitable.


Speaking of body types, I love when people rock what they got and have fun. These guys looked like they were having a blast and totally enjoying their roles. The dude abides.


I really loved this duo as well. I like the homemade approach, but the accuracy was spot-on. So it was familiar and fresh. I’ve seen a few Keymasters over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Gozer before. Many Shubs and Zulls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day I can tell you!


Another trend I noticed was there were a ton of Wonder Women this year. It seems, at least for girls, there’s an overwhelming trend typically from a recent movie, that takes over each con. Two years ago at DC’s Awesomecon, there were soooo many Reys from Force Awakens. But Suicide Squad came out before last year’s Baltimore Comic Con, and there were a ton of Harley Quinns, but I didn’t see any Reys. This past weekend I only saw two or three Harley’s, but lots and lots of Wonder Women. To be fair, there were a ton of Spider-Men this year. But I don’t recall a huge trend for guys’ costumes in the past.


Here’s an It girl. I only saw one or two costumes from It, but you know what was lacking? I didn’t see any Elevens from Stranger Things. This balloon was on a semi-rigid wire instead of using a helium balloon.


I loved this father daughter duo. The dad grew up with Adam West era Batman, the daughter likes Gotham era Catwoman. Perfect combo!


Ok ok, here’s me and my son. We’re big fans of MXC. My son loves the slapstick and irreverence, and I’m very lucky that the mile-a-minute double entendres go right over his head. The funny thing is we love picking slightly obscure references, and we were worried this was almost too obscure. MXC hasn’t been on TV in ten years, and even then it wasn’t widely known. Last year, our Garbage Pail Kid cosplay only got a handful of recognition, but this year almost 30 people stopped us and asked us for pictures. People would yell Don’t! Get! Eliminated! and it was so exciting every time someone lit up when they recognized what we were doing.


Here’s our haul! We couldn’t believe we found the Kid Robot Mad Balls for $2.50. Last year Mad Balls comic artist Brian Smith drew us a Hornhead sketch which we framed and hung in my son’s room. This year he was back and we scored a Slobulus sketch to accompany it. We picked up some Ghostbuster Funko Pops, as well as the Last Jedi First Order Executioner bobble head. We searched high and low for Animaniacs comics, and not only did we only find only one, but it was Number 1 and in the dollar bin!

Baltimore Comic Con has always been a great family event. Great for long-time fans and first time families. There are tons of deals and treasures to find and we look forward to it every year. The panels and guests are always a treat, and there’s a specific flavor to Baltimore Comic Con that brings us back each time.

Check out my sweet cosplay gallery below for more!

2017 Baltimore Comic Con

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