Ewok Stu

Ewok Stu is an artist, father, and husband who in his free time likes to live in the past.  He has a fondness for classic Dr. Who, classic Battlestar Galactica, TOS Star Trek, plus classic animation & pre-1990’s horror & sci-fi movies.  He collects vintage toys and new stuff from Japan & Urban Vinyl pieces.

Born: 12/01/1969
Day Time Job: Net Sales, Photographer
Favorite Movies: Empire Strikes Back, Godfather, Frankenstien (1931), Eyes of Fire, From Russia With Love
Favorite TV Shows:
Clone Wars, Dollhouse, American Idol, Bones, Simspons, Top Gear
Favorite Book:
Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Favorite Comic Book:
Green Arrow & Black Canary
Favorite Toy / Action Figure: Retro Cloth Dr. Zaius
Guilty Pleasure: Any Gordon Ramsay TV Show
Dirty Secret: Little Debbie
Quote of the Month: “Poker would have never gotten on TV when we only had three networks.”  Penn Jillette