Jager  (a.k.a Kristian Yeager) helped start with Lando and Mr. Stinkhead. Jager is our resident Designer Toy guru. His collection is made up of a blend of art and toys. His favorite designers are Mars-1 and Jeremy Fish. He may not be into the typical action figure, but Jager sure knows his vinyl.

“First, to understand Urban Vinyl, one must throw aside their conventional ideas of what makes a great toy. Sure, design of the piece plays a big part in the making of both. But the big difference is that Urban Vinyl is original from the start. This is true art, not a replication of another form.”

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Born: 1975 “Freebird!”
Day Time Job: Elementary Art Teacher and Librarian
Favorite Movies: Fargo, Princess Mononoke, Dark Knight, Empire Strikes Back
Favorite TV Shows:
The Office is about all I watch honestly.  Thanks hulu.
Favorite Book:
American Gods, The Anansi Boys, Treasure Island, Mr. Punch
Favorite Comic Book:
The Sandman series stands as the greatest achievement in comics.
Favorite Toy / Action Figure: Mars-1 Recon or Jeremy Fish’s Turtle Camper
Guilty Pleasure: My computer is called the World of Warcraft machine.
Dirty Secret: Trolls message boards.
Quote of the Month: “And if I feel tomorrow like I feel today, we’ll keep what we want and give the rest away.”