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Interview with Moe Alafrangy, bringing Spider-Man to life in the upcoming Marvel Universe Live coming to the Verizon Center in September.

We wanted to talk to Moe because he is a Northern Virginia native, but also because he’s Spider-Man, and it’s been awhile since we got to interview a super hero. Moe grew up in Falls Church and Alexandria, and went Annandale High School. As a kid, Moe loved Spider-Man and he wanted to be nimble and flexible like his hero. He got started in Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine, and completed his first black belt at age 14. Moe was drawn to Tae Kwan Do and the martial art tricking it features.

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Last year, when he auditioned for a mysterious upcoming Marvel production, he didn’t know quite which role would fit him best. He hoped to land the part of Spider-Man. He loves Spidey’s agility, constant movement and fluidity. During his audition, he thought of what Spider-Man would be doing, so he incorporated a lot of flips and tricks when fighting the villains, including a lot of his martial art tricking, finishing with a memorable three point landing that stuck out to the production team. A few months later they called him back and asked him to be Spider-Man.

We asked Moe if living as the famous web slinger has given him any super powers, and he noted that he indeed felt his “Spidey-sense” growing all the time. Moe said he sees small miracles every day, especially when he gets that subtle sensation to look out of the corner of his eye. He does best when he follows his instincts.


We’re getting excited to go see the Marvel Universe in a few weeks, so we asked Moe who was his favorite villain, and if we’d get lucky enough to witness a show-down of epic proportions at the Verizon Center. Moe told us “Doctor Octopus is definitely my favorite. He’s so unpredictable, you don’t know what he’s going to do next. Green Goblin has a process and a motive, but Doc Oc is too much of a wild card.” We’ll have to go to the show and see if Spider and Doc Oc get to throw down in person.

We then asked Moe, no holds barred, what’s the craziest Marvel match-up you’d want to see? And he answered Hulk vs. Rhino. Just pure power and rage, going head to head. A true display of energy and muscle.

Finally, as Spider-Man would be apt to do, we asked what kids could do to be a superhero today. Moe explains that you don’t need super powers to be a hero. If you have the best intentions, and act on them. That includes caring for one another, other people, even animals. Being a super hero is a lifestyle, and it’ll flow into everything you do. Live like a hero, and you’ll become a hero.

Swing by for more tickets, photos, tour dates, and more. And stay tuned for our coverage of the show in three weeks.

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