All of our Back to the Future Coverage

Run for it Marty!Woo hoo! It’s finally here! October 21, 2015! The future!

I am participating this evening by taking my eight year old son to the theater to see Part II for the first time this evening. But I wanted you guys to see how long and ingrained our Back to the Future coverage has been on Millionaire Playboy. Due to a blog platform shift in the early twenty first century, I got two pages for you.

Here is our first batch of articles from our early blog. It includes reviews of the Welly and Sunstar die-cast Deloreans, the Flux Capacitor video we made, and reviews and photos of the minimates and kubricks. I still have all of these things on display proudly at home. Check out the Back to the Future toys reviews and photos.

Now zoom ahead to the future! I mean the common era and see all of our Contemporary articles. This is mostly cool videos and news about upcoming toys (some have already come out! Talk about looking to the future!)

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