Prepare to Drop! Halo 3:ODST

Halo 3:ODST

For the past year or so, we’ve been getting teased. Our questions answered. More questions raised. However, a week ago, that all changed. Halo 3:ODST was released to much fanfare, almost as much as Halo 3 itself.

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Toys R’ Us Needs Your Help!


According to this news report WalMart’s out for blood

It’s a shame too, since TRU is the only big-box store to carry things like Hellboy, Minimates, and others that may be lost. So, how do we stop this? Easy we stop shopping at WalMart. You could also throw eggs at their corporate offices (road trip to Arkansas!) Kidding.

Joking aside, we should show Geoffrey Giraffe our support. Yes, things are cheaper at WalMart, but if you can, go to Toy R’ Us instead. They know what their talking about, there aren’t any boxes scattered about, and the employees are much nicer.

In another news story Toys R Us is opening up 80 temporary stores to help the Holiday Shopping season battle.

Toys R Us is expected to announce Tuesday that it will open 80 temporary stores next month in shopping centers across the country, an aggressive maneuver by a company that just a few years ago was nursing its wounds after a brutal price war with Wal-Mart. This season, the retailer seems determined to take the offensive. It will also open toy shops in more than 260 of its Babies R Us locations and has bought the rights to its defunct rivals KB Toys and FAO Schwarz.

WalMart took all the other competition out. Let’s not let ’em win. Collectors Unite!

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Beep Beep!

Mark V w/ Mongoose

Before today, I lay awake at night wondering. What would it look like? Would they do the full armor or just the helmet? What color would it be? Would his ride be worth the extra cost? If I bought it, would all the answers come to me?

Having lacked an internet connection for the past few days, I have no idea if this is everyone else’s first time seeing a pic as well. Either way, I’m excited. The Halo line’s been going strong for a year in a half (well, not exactly, but by the time the set will be released, it will have been), and we’ve gotten damn near every armor, including the elusive Recon. However, this is the first time we’ve even seen a Mark V helmet (McFarlane most likely won’t make a full armor as seen in Halo: Combat Evolved and The Art of Halo 3, as discussed below). Why? Who knows. I’m just glad it’s finally being released, and the Mongoose even sweetens the deal (that may have been the other way around…) I will be honest with you, before seeing this, I was going to buy a cheap gas station ATV, paint it up, and call it a day. Now, I’ll be more than happy to wait.

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Tom-Tom takes a look at the Marvel Select Hulk


Many Hulk figures have been made, especially due to the two movies this decade. However, most of them left something to be desired when it came to size-they just weren’t big enough. Only three have really nailed it: the ML Face-Off Series 1 Hulk (which many fans use), the Marvel Icons Hulk, and the focus of this review, the Marvel Select Hulk.

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The Definitve Marvel Figures

All right, this is a post listing all characters with multiple versions, and saying which one is definitive. This is open to discussion and will be modified along the way. Shall we start? …continue reading The Definitve Marvel Figures

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Oh So Beautiful- Halo 3 Edition

With all the Toy-Fair buzz, and the “OMG a DCUC Joker!!!!” discussion, I’d like to add something from the world of gaming. This is a music video made by YouTube user kokobear, depicting the various scenery in Halo 3, mainly from campaign, but a few from the multi-player maps.

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