NYCC ’09 Cosplay


For some, the New York Comic Con is an opportunity to find good deals on back issues of their favorite series. For others, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase their upcoming works, video games and movies.  And for many, it is the perfect opportunity to dress up.  Comic book heroes, anime… things, detestable villains and even a few Starfleet officers– all have their place at the Comic Con.  Thankfully, there were few costumers this year for whom spandex should not have been a privilege: pot-bellied batmen were few and far between.   Enjoy.

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Spin City, Season 1

In a world of constantly changing tastes and preferences, some things prove themselves to be timeless. Favorite books, classic movies, even the occasional sitcom. Such is the case with Spin City.

Michael J. Fox plays Mike Flaherty, deputy mayor of New York City. His job consists largely of turning the Mayor’s occasional gaffes into less volatile opportunities for reproach– hence the title. His staff consists of actors Alan Ruck, Connie Britton, Alexander Chaplin and Michael Boatman. His dedicated staff serve at the pleasure of the mayor, one Barry Bostwick.

The show’s writing is quite sharp. I’ll admit, the first few episodes are a bit rough around the edges– writers getting acclimated to the cast, the cast taking time to fuse together as an ensemble. Once they find their footing however, the rest of the season proves to be a classic.

Fox begins the show with a long-term girlfriend, a reporter played by the timeless beauty Carla Gugino. Their chemistry (and conflict of professional interests) provide much of the meat for the season’s first half Gugino left the show prematurely for a number of reasons; one of which was to allow Fox’s character Flaherty to date a variety of guest stars– allowing the show to stay more fresh. I personally think she could have stayed on longer, but the realistic portrayal of Flaherty losing a great love of his life was satisfyingly genuine.

The show’s teamwork both in comedy and in politics runs with the precision of a swiss watch. One liners, rejoinders and even the occasional bit of slapstick are delivered with style. Special mention should be made of veteran character Richard Kind, who played the press secretary. His work is nothing short of comedy gold. The man’s talent for self-deprecating goofiness is worth the price of admission alone.

For a sitcom, the show took many gambles that paid off handsomely: Michael Boatman plays a gay man in a lead role long before Will & Grace ever aired. The show also touched on delicate subjects such as inner city drug use and the scandal of extra-marital affairs in the mayor’s office.

Also worth note is the star-studded collection of guest appearances. Actors and actresses who would later outshine the entire cast (excepting Fox) sharpened their chops with small but satisfying roles on Spin City: Gretchen Mol, Jennifer Garner and the ever-smug Stephen Colbert can all be found in blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em cameos, along with several more.

The first season DVD features interviews with the whole cast as well as running commentary for the season’s best episodes. At 12 years since its premiere, Spin City proves its comedic potential is very well preserved and worth your taking a look. I highly recommend you pick it up

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