Back to the Future A Car DeLorean

The DeLorean A car, used in the filming of Back to the Future is on display this week in the Nation’s Capital to celebrate the car’s induction in the National Registry of Cars. Click below for a ton of pics of this iconic movie car.
The designation “A car” means this is particular car used for hero shots and close-ups, like the introduction of the vehicle in the Twin Pine Mall parking lot. There was a B car used for driving and stunts, and then a C car that was opened up to allow for interior filming.
It was great visiting the DeLorean after dark, because they had everything lit up. The Time destination display, the flux capacitor, and various other dash lights were all a glow like the best damned Christmas tree you’ve ever seen. Also it’s better at night as there is no glare.
I did appreciate the fact that the DeLorean was on display on the National Mall, in front of the Capitol building. This isn’t a shopping center, or random parking lot, this is the heart of our Smithsonian Museum complex. The car will be returning to the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles in a few days, but the DeLorean got it’s rightful treatment here on these grounds. I also enjoyed lining up the Capitol to stand in for Mr. Fusion.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to take my time and take close-up detail shots of all the little elements that you only see briefly on screen. There was a small crowd of people, but it wasn’t overwhelming to where I couldn’t get the pics I wanted with a little patience.
I also brought a remote flash and a friend to get some artsy lighting portrait shots. My friend would stand off to the side aiming the flash at details I wanted to shoot for some unique images. The lighting within the display case was wonderfully done, if not all over. I wanted to try and get something different than what everyone else got.
This shot took the most work. I wanted to look like I was sitting behind the wheel. We used the glass to bounce my reflection and put me “inside.” The trick is putting a strong light on the subject (me) aimed away from the glass. With a little positioning trial and error we were able to line me up and get me in there. I also like how, being a reflection, I’m transparent… being erased from history!
Speaking of history, here is the time line of the birth of the DeLorean Motor Company all the way to its induction into the National Registry. I photographed all of the signage around the base of the display case for you to read.
I’ll tell you my tale of woe one day about how hard it was for me to finally get to this spot where I’m viewing the original A car DeLorean. But for now, I’m glad this day finally came. Take a look at the gallery below. I have tons more detail shots for you to see.

Back To The Future A Car

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