Back to the Future! with Playmobil

I absolutely love the playmobil treatment that the Back to the Future franchise recently received. I’ve been a big fan of playmobil and Back to the Future almost the exact same time of my life. In fact today is Back to the Future day and playmobil has their BTTF sets for 25% off! The fact that they’re some of my favorite things, after all this time, is quite a testament to the staying power that comes with good quality, and heart. Click below to see more fun studio and on-location BTTF Playmobil photos!
The first thing I had to do was take the DeLorean to an empty parking lot and get some photos to “premiere” it. The JCPenney near my house actually closed months ago so I had to go up the road a bit. In the time of Covid-19, there weren’t alot of people out and about, so we didn’t have to wait to late for the lot to get empty. After figuring out how to light the JCPenny sign in the background and the DeLoren in the foreground, it was actually just a matter of lying down in a parking lot and line up the shots I wanted.
I called up my dude Garrett to come help me with lighting. He’s a huge Back to the Future fan, so I thought he would like to get some fun pics. It struck me as funny that here I was, calling my friend half my age, to bring his JVC video camera and meet me late at night at a mall, to show off my new DeLorean. Just like Doc did in the movie!!
Then I went to Los Angeles and had to visit several of the original filming locations. Luckily my playmobil sets fit in my carry on. First stop was the Puente Hills Mall, the actual Lone Pine Mall.
And of course I had to hit the McFly residence. I’ve seen this film 100s of times, and when you pull down this residental street it hits all the right notes and you feel like you’re in (a suburb of) Hill Valley.
I also swung by Lorraine’s house, spotted George’s bird-watching tree, and almost hit another damn kid with my car!
With the original BTTF Advent Calendar, you get a great cardboard Courthouse. This set you get a small bit of 2015 Hill Valley, including future signs and a patch of water you can’t hoverboard on, you bojo!
This BTTFII set comes with Mr. Fusion to plug into the back of the DeLorean. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Any other toy company would just sell you a whole new DeLorean (costing around $50) and there are 4 different configurations. Instead Playmobil loves their collectors and provide the pieces so you can update what you have as you go.
After taking my figures out on location, the Back to the Future II Hoverboard Chase playset arrived. I love the little pink hoverboard, but the surprise star to me, is the Pit Bull hoverboard.
Here’s another location, this time from Back to the Future II (and Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
And when I can’t get on location, I do use a little photoshop to recreate some of my favorite scenes.
However I love that the Back to the Future III advent calendar comes with a handful of cardboard backdrop display areas to really show off the individual scenes.
And while I like the backdrops, I had to dig in my Old West Playmobil crate and bust out some more pieces, so I could do scenes like this, which lead to this:
which lead to this:
and eventually:
If you have some of the Playmobil RC Train track lying around, there is an easy hack to get the Advent Calendar train wheels to display just great. Put two pieces of track side by side, but interlocking the railroad ties in the middle like a zipper. The left rail of both tracks will now be the right distance for the DeLorean to sit right on it and roll!
Earlier this summer the Back to the Future A car came to Washington DC to celebrate it’s entry in the National Car Registry. You can read more about that here.

Back To The Future Playmobil

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