Battlestar Galactica Series Finale, What Did You Think?


The show is over. Everything was basically wrapped up, with the exception of what Kara was!  Here are my thoughts. There were things that I expected to happen like the death of Roslin, Tyrol discovering that Tory killed Cally, and Boomer’s repentance. I was not expecting that they would discover Earth that eventually evolves into us.  The final montage of robots was the perfect ending.

So what did you think?

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  • Well, I liked it a lot. As far as Kara goes, I think they handled it pretty well with Baltar saying that there was a ton of unexplained stuff going on.

    Personally I didn’t care for the big robot ending I thought it was a little too: IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! or a The End: OR IS IT?

    Like the ending of a 1950s movie.

    • Yeah I liked that they left it a mystery, but I just was thinking they would have addressed it.

  • Christina

    I liked it… although Kara’s ending wasn’t what I was expecting. I was hoping they’d go more of the logic route while they chose to go with a oooh mysterious quasi-religious one. Still, my favorite tv series of all time. And I guess it says something that I was crying for the last half hour.