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Mark V w/ Mongoose

Before today, I lay awake at night wondering. What would it look like? Would they do the full armor or just the helmet? What color would it be? Would his ride be worth the extra cost? If I bought it, would all the answers come to me?

Having lacked an internet connection for the past few days, I have no idea if this is everyone else’s first time seeing a pic as well. Either way, I’m excited. The Halo line’s been going strong for a year in a half (well, not exactly, but by the time the set will be released, it will have been), and we’ve gotten damn near every armor, including the elusive Recon. However, this is the first time we’ve even seen a Mark V helmet (McFarlane most likely won’t make a full armor as seen in Halo: Combat Evolved and The Art of Halo 3, as discussed below). Why? Who knows. I’m just glad it’s finally being released, and the Mongoose even sweetens the deal (that may have been the other way around…) I will be honest with you, before seeing this, I was going to buy a cheap gas station ATV, paint it up, and call it a day. Now, I’ll be more than happy to wait.

There are a few nits I have to pick though. First, the Spartan doesn’t look like he’s actually sitting, but leaning forward some. Also, I’m not a big fan of the orange. Yes, I customize, but I also have stuff sitting on my shelf that have been on there since February (the ATV job would have taken little more than an hour if I didn’t have to do anything to the seat). Not nearly as important as how he sits, though.

Mark V (Halo CE)

And now, onto the promised discussion. Why can’t McFarlane produce a full Mark V armor. Do they hate the fans? Maybe. Did they want to test the waters with other, less known (in terms of more casual fans, anyway) armors? Seems likely. There is however, a much, much simpler answer: they can’t.

Under the licensing agreement that McFarlane has with Bungie, they are legally unable to make figures based on either Halo: CE or Halo 2, which also explains both the wait to just make the helmet, and the golder than gold Arbiter. Considering that, I’m actually surprised they’re even making the helmet. Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad the are, and my speculation has been put to rest.

Now, from this post, many would assume that with all the negatives I’ve mentioned that I am not only planning to forget the set, but may start a war against McFarlane for their improper sitting arrangement and orange color. Quite the contrary, in fact. I’m very pleased with the images, and am looking forward to the set. There is also a set available with the EOD armor, but the powder blue turns me off more than orange. Speaking of EOD armor, if you have of those figures, you can make a decent full Mark V armor with the Mark V head, EOD chest and Mark VI shoulder pads. If McFarlane does ge the license for the two previous games, I would love them to make it based on the updated design from The Art of Halo 3:

Mark V (Art of Halo 3)

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