Brick Fair Lego Con

AT-AT attack

The seventh annual Brick Fair is taking place at the Dulles Expo Center near Washington DC this weekend. It’s a great experience for both kids and adult fans of LEGO. We saw tons of pop culture references and original creations, all made with LEGO bricks. There was an area for the kids to build and race their own cars, as well as vendors selling hard-to-find minifigures, and custom third-party accessories. Click below for a ton of pics.

Blowaway bounce house

There was tons of Dr. Who and Star Wars scenes all over the place, but I loved the occasional real world reference we’d find, like the blow-away bouncy house that was in the news (above) and the great detail included in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail set (below).

Monty Python Holy Grail bunny and Tim!

If you’re an adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) or a father wanting to wow your kids, the Brick Fair is a great yearly tradition. If you’re interested in participating next year, or just want some more info on tickets, etc. check out

And as a die-hard playmobil fan, I couldn’t resist bringing a stealthy ninja playmo to infiltrate the action.


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