Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day – Friday


Eddie “Donkeylips” Gelfen

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Every group of pre-teen misfits needs a fat kid who goes by a nickname that accentuates his fatness. Our resident chunker is Eddie “Donkeylips” Gelfen. In the grand tradition of Chunk, Fat Kid, Cartman, and Vern, Donkeylips is husky, sweaty, and constantly dreams of fatty foods. He is not above eating rock-hard, painted macaroni during arts and crafts. Despite his girth, he proved his worth during the camp’s game of capture the flag. In addition to being the token fattie, this is a man at the heart of a love triangle. He is torn between serving as Budnick’s sidekick and enforcer and being Sponge’s best friend. With Budnick, he is feared, but with Sponge, he can be himself. Despite this identity struggle, he remains honest, loyal, and smelly. Where would we be without a fat kid?

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