Carbonite Photoshoot

My favorite part from Empire Strikes Back is the entire Bespin sequence. Last post I showed you the vintage Micro Collection Bespin sets I recently found. Now I want to show you some photos taken with vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, using the 2000s Power of the Jedi Carbonite Playset. Click below for more photos.
This is the shot I have been envisioning. I’ve been collecting figures and parts for over a year to put together this shot. I was able to have Han Solo half-way into the carbon freeze chamber, and have fog and orange light come up from the grate holes.
I have more Ugnaughts, and Bespin guards, but I could not fit them all on the platform. Why not purchase the recently released The Vintage Collection Carbon-Freezing playset from Hasbro? For one, you need to buy two to make the complete ring. But in addition it appears that the grates have orange plastic underneath, and I really want to have my light from below through the grates and even get the fog coming through the holes.
I started dipping my toe into the world of customized figures. I’ll have a post about that later. But for now I’m enjoying supporting the customizing community by buying their wares, such as these replacement light sabers. Vader has the red retractable one, and Luke is holding his blue saber. I got these from Binary Control, check out his Etsy store. The orange light from below is lighting up both sabers. The blue saber Luke is holding looks more yellow in this photo, since the light is orange, but since the original Kenner “Bespin Fatigues” Luke did come with a yellow saber, I’m not fixing it in photoshop.
I loooooove the fog effect in these photos. The humidity/temperature of my basement changes so sometimes the fog rises, sometimes it’s heavy and it collects. This effect is courtesy a Micro Fogger.

Here is a behind the scenes video. This was shot before I elevated the platform on a series of shot glasses so I could get the fog to come up through the grate.
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