Cool stuff from American legend JOHN GLENN

From the John Glen. Estate sale

I was lucky enough to visit the late John Glenn’s estate sale in Potomac, Maryland. They had a great selection of personal effects and ephemera from his life, as well as normal household goods that are now epic! because they belonged to astronaut John Glenn. Click below for a brief tour of what I got. The photos, of course, feature my high-end replica Neil Armstrong gloves. Because astronauts.


This is John Glenn’s utility flashlight. This is the size light you’d use for checking out the fuse box, or for grabbing candles when the power goes out. It was $2. I’m actually quite interested in grabbing one of these replica Apollo flashlights. But this will tide me over for now. Here is a photo shining the John Glenn light onto the actual Friendship 7 at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC.

This utility flashlight is really the only artifact I feel safe actually taking out of the house. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

laptop case

I found this laptop case in the basement. Ok, I do take this one out of the house. It’s great for toting around my laptop or a stack of books. I don’t believe John Glenn toted around a laptop very much his last years of life, but you never know. I like how the image on the front is like a world peace / U.N. style logo.


Here is John Glenn’s personal copy of Deep Impact, one of my favorite space movies. You may recall that Robert Duval plays the aging astronaut who returns to space to assist with the asteroid mission. I like to think Glenn enjoyed seeing his influence continue on in pop culture. I picked up several VHS, including Apollo 13, E.T. and a few space-themed documentaries. These were $1 a piece! And if you’ve never seen Deep Impact you need to, it’s much better than Armageddon.


I got lucky on this one. These all sold out on the first day, but then another box was found right before I got to the front of the line! This is the official US Stamp commemorating Glenn’s historic trip to space. It was actually kept a secret (well at least not publicly announced) until Glenn successfully landed after orbiting the earth three times. The post office canceled the stamp on the first day of issue (so the date on the stamp is the same as the mission), and even used the “Cape Canaveral” post office (there wasn’t one at a time, but a special stamp was created for this purpose). These collectibles were produced for most major space operations back then. It was intended to provide the families with some income in the event of a catastrophe. NASA does not allow the public sale of any space-flown equipment or artifacts, so this was the government’s idea to help out the astronauts’ families.


This was the big ticket item I was able to get my hands on. This is John Glenn’s Fisher Space Pen. Yes the same type of space pen from the infamous episode of Seinfeld. Back in the early 60s Fisher was tasked with creating a pen to allow astronauts to write in zero gravity. They eventually came up with a pressurized ink cartridge that would provide free flowing ink in any gravity. After the space missions, the public enjoyed having the opportunity to buy an astronaut “space pen.” Like I said, NASA forbids the private sale of any space-flown artifacts, so I have no reason to believe that this pen was in space, but it is an actual astronaut’s Space Pen, and it has a date prior to his Discovery Orbiter mission. It still writes upside down!


THIS is the crème de la crème, THIS is what made the wait worth it. This is John Glenn’s bottle opener. Every beer I have now is an EPIC BEER. I feel like I’m drinking with the man himself. I love how it’s vaguely 60’s space-age shaped. It’s got a serrated edge for slicing snack meats, or limes or something. And it was $2. I don’t typically write out BOO-YAH, but there it is.


Yes, the bottle opener was my biggest score, but I’m also very fond of this nature photography book. Glenn was a hobbyist photographer (I spied his film SLR kit for $800) and I love that he read this book to learn about nature photography. I love photographing hawks and other critters in nature, so this is a cool personal connection for me. Also author John Shaw puts together a great guide. It is film based, but the principles are true.


That was quite an adventure. I’m glad I did it. I took my Dad as he also like space and history and it was a good outing for us. I also gave the VHS of E.T. to DC101 morning show host Elliot Segall, and they did a bit on their show about it.

If you’re interested, you can check out my @moongloves instagram feed for more adventures.

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