Cosplay photos from the 2013 Baltimore Comic Con

Baltimore Comic Con
My son and some friends and I hit the Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. We were there for toys, comics, meet some artists, and enjoy some great cosplay. We had an amazing time, and there was tons of stuff for the young children to participate in. I have to say, it’s a whole lot more fun when you dress up. Click below for more!

Baltimore Comic Con

My college roommate and his son came in from out of town to check out all the artists and writers that were coming. They dressed as Mario and Luigi, and my son and I dressed up as Doc and Marty from Back to the Future. I found by dressing up, my son was more invested and wanted to stay longer than he may have wanted to otherwise (he’s six so you have to plan accordingly) also he was less nervous around the other costumes, because he understood we were all dressing up.


We saw a ton of great costumes. I loved how there were traditional comic book and other pop culture costumes, but also new creations and references, such as this Pimp Bane. He had the voice down great. We also liked the male Harley and female Joker we ran into (below). All of the costumes looked fantastic. You could tell that people really put a lot of time and energy into embodying their favorite characters, and were having a blast living it out.

Baltimore Comic Con

There was a huge line to get in (as they were throttling a little bit to streamline the crowd moving in the door) I absolutely recommend purchasing a ticket ahead of time next year, and get there early to get in. They have a firm weapons policy, so read up and be aware of what’s allowed and what’s not.


This was a great event for kids too. Not once did I feel uncomfortable concerning my son’s safety, even when he managed to get a little ahead of me from time to time. There were so many activities designed just for kids. Everything from coloring to Pictionary, to meeting artists and writers from kid-friendly titles. We personally were on a mission to find a loose Transformer or Star Wars figure that my son needed, but we saw so many things from t-shirts to blankets, to original artwork, new and rare toys, and vintage finds. It was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely going again. Everyone we encountered was extremely friendly (and patient). Look below for a ton of cosplay pics from the show on Saturday, and maybe we’ll see you next year.


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