Cosplay pics from the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con


We had a blast, and came away with tons of great finds, at this year’s Baltimore Comic Con at the Baltimore convention center. We were able to stick around for the costume contest this year, and we grabbed a load of books and toys. Click below to see all our pics!


There were tons of great vendors spanning the lower level of the convention center. Our team of four each had our own “top wants” that we were looking for. I wanted some Mars Attacks and classic Ninja Turtle trade paperbacks, my son was looking for Transformers, Kristian had some autographs he was seeking out, and his son was on the prowl for kids’ comic titles. We all made out with some major scores, though I found it hard to keep my wallet in my pocket, even when I should have. My son found a dealer selling classic series Garbage Pail Kids for 50 cents a piece, and I grabbed the Kevin Eastman penned Ninja Turtle movie adaptation in hardback for $10. We met several artists and creators, and really enjoyed the talent and dedication on display at the costume contest.


I love the way the convention has evolved and grown over the years. I love the number of kids (and ladies) that have joined in the masses and really made for a fantastic mix of fans. Ten years ago comic-cons used to be the refuge of the socially refused. Your typical basement-dwelling D&D players coming out to argue which was the best Star Trek captain. But behold, as comics became more mainstream, the cons grew and evolved too. Now there are tons of kids (boys and girls) all in costume. There were men and women dedicated to making spectacular cosplay. Nowadays I don’t witness any separation of social classes, everyone was getting along and co-mingling in a common love of all things superheroic. The overall vibe was really positive and communal.

I’ve got more than 80 pics for you to check out below!

And click over to for details on next year’s con, happening Labor Day weekend, 2016!

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