Dark Knight Rises Movie Master figures Batman, Bane and Alfred

Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters
The line of highly articulated and detailed Movie Master figures for Dark Knight Rises are hitting stores next week. Here’s a look at Batman, Bane, and Alfred. Click below for a ton of more pics and details.


Are you psyched for Dark Knight Rises? Around here we can’t wait for July to get here, but in the meantime you can get your grubby mitts on the DKR Movie Master figures from Mattel. These guys are hitting stores next week, so here’s an early peek. If you click on any of these images, it’ll take you to the Flickr Gallery, where you can click on any image and load the larger version to see all the nitty gritty detail. And hey, this shot (and the back-cracking one below) were actually posed and balanced that way long enough to take a picture. These guys are great for display.

Batman posing

The first one I tore into was Batman. He’s incredibly articulated, and loose enough to get some sweet poses, but tight enough joints to actually hold the pose. First the bad news, this figure appears under close inspection to be the exact same tooling as the Dark Knight Movie Master Batman. It’s all the same, however the paint job is all new. The DK Batman was a fairly matte black, this is a high gloss, which actually brings out a bit more detail. Here is the large version of the image I was talking about. Of course, you’ll need to pick this one up if you want to construct the working Batsignal (Yes!). I kinda wish there were some new details or head sculpt or something more than just a new paintjob, but otherwise you can’t complain, this is a pretty stinkin’ awesome Batman figure. The joints are plentiful, yet included in the sculpt as to not stand out. And because he’s the same size, he does fit onto the Batpod that was a Target exclusive released around the time of the last movie.


So each of the DKR Movie Masters comes with a piece to assemble a working light-up Batsignal if you collect all 6. Batman comes with a cement looking base, Bane comes with the y-shaped bracket, and Alfred comes with the hollow body. There are 3 more Movie Master figures (including a Catwoman) coming out shortly. Here’s what I was able to construct with these 3. And from what I can tell, a standard pack will include 3 Batmen, 2 Banes, and 1 Alfred per box of six.


It’s great having Alfred to round out the collection. He comes with great articulation, but you probably won’t pop him into too many action poses. His likeness is pretty good. I think they nailed the eyes and mouth but the rest of the jawline isn’t working for me. It’s good to finally have him.


I think my favorite figure is Bane. The detail and likeness are spot on, and he’s the villian, so you can have more fun with him. The rubbery material for his jacket is perfect. It allows movement of his arms and head, but stiff enough to keep its shape. The detail on his mask is good too. Nolan and his team did an amazing job of making a character from the comics look threatening and feasible without losing the “soul” of the character. This figure is great. Check out the large image version. You can see he has similar articulation to Batman with hinged hips, twisting thighs, knees, shin, ankles, not to mention shoulder, abdomen, wrist and neck.


This is the other shot that I took when they were really posed that way. I love that you can play with these guys a bit, but they display really nicely. They’re a good size for fitting a bunch on a shelf, but also big enough to really get the detail in there. I like how you can inspect all the angles and really get a feel for the character and their costume.

More toys!

I got more toys! I will be reviewing more toys from Dark Knight Rises over the next few days, so either Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to the the first to see all the new gear. I’ve included some photos in the gallery below from the 2012 Toy Fair so you can see photos of the other Movie Masters coming your way. Check your favorite toy aisle sometime next week (27th ish) to grab these figures. And look for me, Mr. Stinkhead and Lando da Pimp in Dark Knight Rises when it comes out in mid July!
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