Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day – Tuesday


Dina Alexander

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Today’s camper is Dina Alexander. Her family has a zillion dollars, so she can afford to work on her tan and read magazines all summer. When she is not out sunbathing, she spends her time gushing about her favorite singer, Jamie Mallet, Jr., and avoiding Donkeylips’ drooling advances. Many around camp would label her as the camp’s “hottie.” Not me, of course, as I am a fully-grown adult with some type of doctoral degree that enables me to run a camp without ever being seen. Anyway, Dina once played the lead in our camp’s production of Cinderella with disastrous results, and it was rumored that she had dinner with Janet Jackson. They had “Norwegian salmon, all the way from Norwege.” She may not be the sharpest arrowhead at the archery range, but she has spunk and certainly has broken a few hearts.

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