Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day – Wednesday


Sponge Harris

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Today’s camper is the camp genius—Sponge Harris. The rumor is that if you squeeze his head, random bits of information will leak out. Smart beyond his years, he has developed a rather astute assessment of camp, noting, “The food bites, bugs bite, activities bite, everything bites!” Of course, we can’t use this slogan in our marketing and recruiting efforts! Poor Sponge often has the best of intentions, such as starting a camp newspaper and trying to gain weight for the camp’s wrestling team, but is usually taken advantage of by Budnick and/or Pinsky. And who could forget the time the entire camp made him stay awake so he could win a radio trivia contest? Ah, Sponge, we salute you!

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