Essential Seven Coolest Toys We Saw at Toy Fair


Well Toy Fair is over! We saw a lot of great stuff. Toy companies are cutting back and really focusing on what the fans want. So what was the coolest? Here is the Essential Seven Coolest Toys We Saw at Toy Fair!

7. NECA TMNT Shredder

We were stoked last year when we saw the Eastman and Laird Turtles. This year NECA is expanding the line to include our favorite Ninja, The Shredder! NECA has really made an effort to make these figures look like a 3-dimensional comic book character. We we’re really glad the rumors of the lines demise are not true. To top it all off you the next wave will include Krang, a Footsoldier, and April O’Neil!

6. Hasbro Devastator

I’m not a fan of the Transformers movie. I thought it was crap. I thought the design of the robots looked like crap. I think the new movie will be crap. I can’t deny the fact though, Transformer fans are excited to pick up one of the biggest Transformers ever made. I’m even a bit curious to see what Devastator looks like on screen (not enough to go see the film).  Devastator may not be something that I will buy, but I applaud Hasbro for producing it.

5. Playmobil Egyptians

Last year we were excited for the Playmobil Romans. Now Playmobil has gone back in time to ancient Egypt. Pharoahs, Tomb Raiders, and Mummy’s oh My! Playmobil continues to produce quality sets that have amazing details.  The “Holy Grail” for this line is the giant Pyramid filled with secret compartments! Walk Like an Egyptian!

4. LEGO Indiana Jones Mine Car Set

Hasbro has killed the Indiana Jones figures so the only place to get your Indiana Jones toys now is through LEGO. The line has expanded to include scenes from the Temple of Doom. We’re most excited about the mine car chase. Not only can you run the mine cars on the track, but you will also get a Shortround and Mola Ram minifig!

3. D.C. Direct Christopher Reeve Superman

Not technically a toy, but the D.C. Direct Christopher Reeve Superman statue is an amazing representation our favorite Superman. Nobody else has portrayed the “Man of Steel” better than Christopher Reeve. It’s about time we honor him. Now where is our General Zod!

2. Mattel ( 12 inch Ghostbusters

The pictures don’t do these figures justice. They are a truly a work of art! The details of the proton packs and traps are amazing. The figures design have a cartoony look to them that for us, seems to be appropriate. The first figures will be available on in June. Be warned though a big concern for us is that we haven’t seen a Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) design yet. Rumors that a likeness has yet to be approved can hurt or even kill this line. No Peter Venkman, and these will go off the list.

1. Diamond Select Toys Ghostbuster MiniMates

Who would have guessed 25 years after the first film, that the top 2 toys we would talk about at Toy Fair were Ghostbusters. It’s going to be a good year for the franchise with the videogame, Mattel figures, and now the MiniMates! The variety of characters and comical design easily make these superior to the Mattel figures. Plus, we know that a Peter Venkman will be included!

So what do you think? Did we miss anything? If so leave a comment. Be kind!

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