Essential Seven Lamest Batman (1966) Villains

The Adam West Batman TV show was always incredibly corny, and at times just plain odd. Each week different celebrities made appearances as the different villains who put Batman and Robin in danger, forcing them to find stupid escape methods. While some of the villains were enjoyable, a few were ridiculous with strange schemes that was quite embarrassing to watch. That is why this week we feature the Essential Seven Lamest Batman (1966) Villains:

7) Bookworm

Possibly the nerdiest Batman villiain, Bookworm attempts to blow up the Batmobile with a book-bomb of Hemmingway’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’. The literary loon’s lame affinity for using books as part of his schemes created one of the most uninteresting villains. Would it be safe to assume that the Gotham Library would be his nuclear bomb?

6) Egghead

The character of Egghead had a lot of potential since he was played by the great Vincent Price. His failure is a result of his use of egg puns in his speech such as “egg-zactly” and “egg-cellent” makes him feel like the a character from the Joel Schumacher films.

5) King Tut

Other than believing he is the reincarnation of King Tut, William Omaha Mackelroy is just a regular guy who loves decorating his hideout in Egyptian motifs. Don’t dare question the veracity of his Tut claims, or he may get angry. If Tut does come after you just throw an object at his head.

4) Ma Parker

Knowing that Batman and Robin are the only ones who could ever catch her, Ma Parker allows herself to be captured and sent to jail. Once in jail she plays the role of the mother who is only trying to provide for her children. She takes care of her kids!

3) The Riddler (John Astin)

John Astin had the unfortunate task of replacing the great Frank Gorshin as The Riddler. Astin’s Riddler was more like Gomez Addams wearing the Riddler costume. I love John Astin in other roles, but he was completely wrong for the Riddler.

2) The Minstrel

The medieval lute-playing electronics genius also known as The Minstrel, crashes the stock market using his “electronics.” What the minstrel didn’t count on was that Batman and Robin have a great knowledge of “electronics” too! The writers who came up with the idea of a medieval lute player who can manipulate the stock market was either on acid or a certified genius you decide.

1) Nora Clavicle

Nora Clavicle took womens’ rights a bit to far. Secretly a crime queen, Nora plays the role of a hard core feminist. She convinces Mayor Linseed’s wife to fire Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara, and Batman and Robin and replace them with women. It didn’t bother Robin at least  since he was already wearing pantyhose.

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