Essential Seven Least Remembered Peanuts Characters


We all remember Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and Peppermint Patty, but do you remember that kid who is always the shepherd? Probably not. That is why this week I thought it was important to list the Essential Seven Least Remembered Peanuts Characters.

7) Franklin


Poor Franklin. He is more well known than most of the kids on this list. If you think about the entire gang, it is likely you won’t remember the only black kid in the Peanuts gang. Franklin lives in the other neighborhood with Peppermint Patty and Marci. It’s rare he makes his way over into Charlie’s hood.

6) Violet Gray

seven_peanuts_07Most people think that Lucy is the biggest bitch from the Peanuts gang, but Lucy is nothing compared to the wrath of Violet Gray. Violet is a snob. She constantly brags about her father, and her families wealth. Charlie Brown receives most of Violets bullshit. The other Peanut characters would just call Charlie a “Blockhead.” Violet takes is one step beyond: “It simply goes without saying that you are an inferior human being.” What a Bitch!

5) Frieda


Frieda is obsessed with her “naturally curly hair”. Don’t confuse her with the little redhead girl that Charlie Brown is in love with. Frieda is too vain for love.  In her mind nothing is more important than making sure her hair is not disturbed by Pig Pen’s dirt or baseball games.

4) Shermy


Shermy is the normal kid of the Peanuts gang. The other kids all have unique characteristics, except for Shermy, he’s is boring. Shermy doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The only time he ever spoke was in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. “Every Christmas it’s the same: I always end up playing a shepherd.”

3) Rerun Van Pelt


Rerun Van Pelt is the baby brother of Linus and Lucy. I’m afraid that the kid is going to grow up with many problems. First, he was named after the term television “reruns.” Second, he spends most of his time on the back of his mother’s bicycle getting whiplash. Third, he lives in the Peanuts world.

2) Olaf


Olaf is the “ugly” brother of  Snoopy’s seven brothers and sisters.  He is easily recognized by his large frame. He was the last of Snoopy’s siblings to be sold at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. These days Olaf and brother Andy live with their brother Spike.

1) 555 95472

seven_peanuts_02555  95472 or “5” was obviously from a strange family. Yes, his full first name is 555. His last name is 95472 with the accent on the 4. His identical twin sisters are named 3 and 4. All three can be seen in A Charlie Brown Christmas. They have the most unique dance styles.

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