Essential Seven Most Fascinating Howard Stern Wack Packers

Howard Stern

If you have ever listened to The Howard Stern Show, then you are probably aware of The Wack Pack. These group of personalities tend to be unusual in different ways. This could be because of how they were born, a substance abuse problem, or a mental condition. Over the course of the show many Wack Packers have come and gone.  Some not as memorable. A few however, have stood out. Here are the Essential Seven Most Fascinating Howard Stern Wack Packers.

7) Gary the Retard

Gary the Retard

Who is Gary?
Gary The Retard is a mentally challenged fan of Howard’s radio show. Howard discovered him from his constant phone calls to the show. Howard realizing that Gary was mentally handicapped gave him the nickname Gary The Retard, becoming an instant member of the Wack Pack.

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
His mental disability was the main factor for his inclusion into the world of Howard Stern. Gary however is always in a cheerful mood, and embraces his “retardation.”

Shining Stern Moment
A prank phone call on Gary where the “flu” was going to get him over the phone line. In order to keep the flu from attacking him, Gary was instructed to repeat the phrase “Shoo, shoo, no retarded flu!”

6) Jeff the Drunk Curro

Jeff the Drunk

Who is Jeff?
Jeff Curro was given the nickname of Jeff The Drunk because of his frequent drunk calls to the show. Jeff is a self-admitted alcoholic with a paralyzed arm.

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
Jeff is considered a pain in the ass to Howard’s staff for his frequent calls asking for handouts. He also has two catch-phrases “little bitch” and “ni-i-ice.”

Shining Stern Moment
In 2003 the show had a contest where a person could win $20,000 to be handcuffed to Jeff The Drunk for a week. A woman named Jenny was handcuffed to Jeff for 5 days. She witnessed Jeff drinking, eating, and worst of all taking a dump.

5) Eric the Midget

Eric the Midget

Who is Eric?
Eric is a dwarf who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease of the connective tissue. His condition confines him to a wheelchair. His s

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
Howard took notice of Eric because of his obsession for American Idol and his strange cranky voice. He became a regular caller who eventually convinced Howard to help him get an acting role on the TV show American Dreams. Over the years, Eric’s has claimed to be a writer, radio host, and director of his own modeling agency.

Shining Stern Moment
In 2006, Eric wanted Howard to help him meet Katharine McPhee. Howard agreed to help him meet her if he would agree to sit in a lawn chair lifted up by balloons. Eric later backed out of the agreement.  Since then, it has been a reoccurring joke to get Eric to fly with balloons.

4) Wendy the Retard

Wendy the Retard

Who is Wendy?
Wendy is another mentally challenged adult who loves to call into radio stations. Most of the time to ask for money or and Xbox.

What Makes Her Wack Packer?
Like Gary, Wendy’s mental handicap instantly got Howard’s attention.  Wendy also answers “yes” to any questions that she is asked.

Shining Stern Moment
Before moving over to Sirius, Howard put Wendy on his channel all day. Fans could hear Wendy play drums, video games, and call people on the phone. It may not sound that interesting, but take it from me, it was awesome!

3) High Pitch Eric

High Pitch Eric

Who is Eric?
Highpitch Eric or as he is referred to sometimes as just “Highpitch” is an obese man with a high-pitched voice. Eric is also somewhat mentally slow.

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
Eric’s falsetto voice, poor hygiene, obesity, and willingness to do anything for the show.

Shining Stern Moment
Howard wondered how much a man Eric’s size would crap in a day. This led to the 24 hour radio show The Craptacular. Throughout the course of a day Eric ate KFC, McDonalds, and pizza. He would then weigh his bowel movements to answer Howards question.

2) Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Who was Hank?
Hank was an alcoholic dwarf that was one of the most popular guests on the Stern show. He was angry because of his size, earning him the nickname Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
Hank used to hang outside the radio station drunk. This caught Howard’s attention. His drunken condition, along with his size,  was always “radio gold.” Hank was also an expert on music. He was able to beat numerous people in music trivia, even in his drunken state.

Shining Stern Moment
Hank used to dress in many different costumes, including a leprechaun and Superman outfit. Sadly, Hank passed away in 2001, at the age of 39.

1) Beetlejuice


Who is Beetlejuice?
Beetlejuice or “Beet” is a dwarf, standing 4 ft 3 in tall. He suffers from the disease microcephaly, which gives him his small head. His nickname comes from the Tim Burton film Beetlejuice in a scene featuring the title character’s shrunken head.

What Makes Him a Wack Packer?
Howard was intrigued the first time he saw Beetlejuice’s small head. Beet is also mentally handicapped. It was also discovered that he will never answer a question the same way. For example, if you ask him how old he is he may say 35 years old. Ask him again, and he will say 65.

Shining Stern Moment
In 2004, Stern staffer Richard Christy, put together clips of Beetlejuice singing to create “This Is Beetle”, also known as “The Beetlejuice Song.” The chorus of the song is “This is Beetle, he’s bad as can and he knows he’s the best.” The rock band Staind were such big fans of the show that they recorded the song for their album Chapter V.

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  • Jim Gordon

    I LOVED Howard in the late 80’s and early 90’s – but today, for whatever reason (too much money/new lifestyle/etc.) he is simply an out of touch douchebag who looks like an old Jewish lady.

    When Robin does the news – especially about some modern celebrity- and Howard goes “Who is THAT?!?” (and its someone like Katy Perry or even Miley Cirus) he just comes off as a clueless ass.

    Opie and Anthony (and little Jimmy) rule!

  • I could care less that he has no idea who pop culture people are. Opie and Anthony are the biggest douchebags

  • Ewok Stu

    Please. He know who they are…it’s called a bit! I’m not a huge Howard fan, but he is the best at what he does. Everyone else is just a pale imitation.

    I miss Hank.