Essential Seven Overused and Now Annoying Movie Quotes

Everybody knows that person who quotes a movie to the point where it becomes annoying. This person (or possibly you) will integrate a movie quote into their everyday vocabulary sometimes imitating the characters voice. I admit that I am guilty of this practice.  Sadly, I have a friend who constantly overuses movie quotes. Even using the line “I am your father!.” This would be fine if he was actually a father. With my friend as the model, I have identified the Essential Seven Overused and Now Annoying Movie Quotes:

7)”Say Hello to my Little Friend”

From the film Scarface
People constantly quote this line when they want to show off something or “pretend” they are Tony Montana. If you plan on murdering people with a machine gun then I give you permission to quote it before you shoot. It would also be acceptable to use this quote when you are about to show a woman your small penis.

6) “Nice….”

From the Film Borat
For two weeks in 2006 it was acceptable to say something was “Nice” in Borat’s voice. Four years later, nobody should quote Borat at this point. If you find something is nice just say “That is nice.”

5) “Schwing!”

From the Film Wayne’s World
I find it humorous that as teenagers we used to walk around proclaiming that a girl gave us a boner. We would then proceed to let her know by saying “Schwing!” Afterall, it was funny when Wayne and Garth did it.  Now as adults, it would be best to subtly hide our erections.

4) “Yeah, baby,”

From the Austin Powers Films
Was quoting Austin Powers ever cool? “Yeah, Baby, Yeah!” was just one of hundreds of lines that the Austin Powers films gave us. I enjoyed the films. I loathed the Austin Powers mimics.

3) “You had me at hello”

From the Film Jerry Maguire
I’m guilty of this one. When I want to annoy my wife I will often pull out a quote that will make her roll her eyes. It’s a lame thing to do, and so it this line.

2) “Gosh!”

From the Film Napolean Dynamite
I enjoyed when the film Napolean Dynamite was just a small independent comedy. Once it was hugely successful everybody pretended to be Napolean, Kip, and Pedro. Sadly, I still hear people pretend to be the awkward Napolean.  These are the same people who continue to wear their “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts.

1) “I’ll Be Back”

From the film Terminator
Sadly everybody thinks they can do a great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. When they do imitate him, the first line anybody uses is “I’ll Be Back.” The world would be a better place without Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, and the film Terminator: Salvation.

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