Essential Seven Reginald VelJohnson Cop Roles

If a movie or television show required a cop most likely they went after one actor, Reginald VelJohnson. Since the early ’80s Reginald has played some of the most memorable police characters on film and television. With a dozen jelly donuts at my side I came up with the Essential Seven Reginald VelJohnson Cop Roles:

7) Plain Clothes

I have no idea if this movie is any good. I have never seen it. The fact that it is not on DVD tells me that it is not all that memorable with one exception. Plain Clothes featured Reginald as a cop. His character Captain Graff was the first of many future police roles he would play.

6) Turner & Hootch

Starring next to Tom Hanks, Reginald played Detective David Sutton partner to Hanks’ Detective Turner. This was the only plain clothes cop character Reginald ever played, and only one to feature a dog.

5) Die Hard 2

The only cop to have faith in John McClain made a brief appearance in the Die Hard sequel. The scene involved his character Sgt. Al Powell to have a short phone conversation with Bruce Willis’s character.

4) Chuck

The writers of Chuck came up with the brilliant idea of Reginald VelJohnson reprising his character Sgt. Al Powell from the Die Hard films. Al is the cousin to the character of Big Mike. The episode also features Reginald’s character eating a Twinkie.

3) Ghostbusters

The first cop role for Reginald was in Ghostbusters. Reginald’s character, the “Jail Guard,” releases the Ghostbusters so they can tell the Mayor why the walls were bleeding at the 53rd Precinct.

2) Die Hard

I know,  I have already used this character for Die Hard 2, but its one of his best. Sgt. Al Powell was the first cop to respond to the Nakatomi Plaza building after eating a bunch of twinkies. Throughout the film he suspects that John McClain can handle himself.

1) Family Matters

The character of Carl Winslow was Reginald’s essential cop role. For nine seasons he was a Chicago police officer, father to the Winslow family, and the victim of Steve Urkel’s inventions.

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