Essential Seven Salute Your Shorts Moments

Saulte Your Shorts

For two seasons the campers of Camp Anawanna ran, jumped, swam and played. Sometimes they even rowed and went on trips. Throughout their camp stay, they created a lot of great memories.  Budnick, Donkeylips, Dina, Sponge, Z.Z, Michael, Telly, Ronnie, and Ug all provided us memorable moments. Too many to count. However, we have identified the Essential Seven Salute Your Shorts Moments.

7) Michael Leaves Camp

Salute Your Shorts Michael Leaves Camp
This was a huge! This was a big frackin deal! Erik McArthur (Michael Stein) left the show!  I remember tuning in, and discovering that Michael Stein was gone. No he didn’t go home because he crushed Thud Mackie’s brownies. Michael caught the chickenpox, and wouldn’t be returning to camp. “He was in a better place….” Don’t worry,  Michael didn’t die. He went to Europe with his parents! The camp mourns Michael’s leaving by marching in black. Suddenly, a new camper arrives, Ronnie Pinsky and his salami! He is popular, out-going, and everybody likes him. Except for Budnick.

6) Sponge’s First Kiss

Salute Your Shorts Sponge Kissing Olga
Sponge was the man! Making out with the non-Swedish Olga made him the only camper to get some. Budnick only kissed Dina on the hand (Dumbass)! The tongue swapping came about when Ronnie and Sponge snuck out on a double date to the movies. Sponge even wore his Orville Redenbacher best! Everything was going well until Ug arrived. Sponge and Olga ducked into the phone booth to hide. As Ug is carried out of the theater, Olga grabs Sponge and lays a big one on him. Like I said Sponge is the man!

5) Capture the Flag

Salute Your Shorts Capture the Flag
At Camp Anawanna, they play the coolest Capture the Flag game ever. The episode featured Donkeylips hoping to be an attacker instead of a lump. Donkeylips however proves that he would be a great attacker when his team is cornered by the enemy. Its all up to the big guy to save the day. This is easily his shining moment next to his date with Dina.

4) Michael and Budnick Build a Puzzle

Salute Your Shorts Michael and Budnick
Most of the Salute Your Shorts episodes were excuses for burp and fart jokes. The show took a semi-serious tone when Budnick and Michael pretended to be sick to get out of instructional swim. Stuck in Nurse Julie’s office, Michael and Budnick discussed their home life, Aerosmith, and realized that the other isn’t really a bad guy. We also got to see the creation of the “Wuss Hat!”

3) Budnick Loves Dina

Salute Your Shorts Dina

The first couple on the show finds Budnick falling for Dina. “After all every cool guy needs a cool lady to hang with, and at this camp, Dina is it. I mean she’s perfect, gorgeous, smart, and I bet she would win in a beauty contest.”  It was a huge change in the direction of the show. I must admit, I too had a crush on Dina (Heidi Lucas). Their love didn’t last very long. Dina felt smothered, and forced Bobby into a Sophie’s Choice situation; his hair or Dina. Dumbass chose his hair.

2) Zeke the Plumber

Salute Your Shorts Zeke the PlumberBudnicks ghost story about the camp’s old custodian’s demise gives the gang nightmares. The story of  Zeke the Plumber is a sad tale. Zeke lost his nose in an accident long ago. Years later he was unable to smell a gas leak. He made a mistake and lit a match. The only thing that was left was his toilet plunger. Zeke becomes “the Freddy Krueger of custodians.”He begins by haunting Michael and Telly’s dreams by forcing them to admit their fears, Harry the Hippo, and being a sissy little girl.

1) The Awful Waffle

Salute Your Shorts The Awful Waffle
The Awful Waffle is one of those terms from the show that sticks in everybody’s minds. The funny thing is, that you actually never see it happen on screen. In the first episode Budnick frames Kent Flankman for stealing the girls belongings. His punishment is the Awful Waffle. To make an Awful Waffle, you place a tennis racket on to the stomach of your victim. This creates the effect of a waffle. You then proceed to pour syrup all over the racket. Thus creating the Awful Waffle. In the last episode of the series, it was also mentioned that you include sandpaper and whipped cream.

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